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    sorry i haven't explained my self right , first im an iron man which means i cannot trade and second when the did the soulroom rework icy skelestons doesn't drop ice gloves anymore u have to get it from soulroom and the same goes to alot of simple items thats needed for clues , anyway i saw a video of a guy opening 7k soul keys and getting like 7-8 ice gloves , brb camping bosses to get 1k keys so i can get a freaking ice gloves :( @Zaro
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    Hey guys , so i got a clue today that requires ice gloves i started by asking people how to get them some people said camp icy skeles , i did those for 6 hours straight and no lucky even used the soul keys with no luck too , tried asking help/staff some said mboxes some said ckeys but they are not sure none confirmed how, ive tried looking up in wiki with no luck too so im asking you guys if anyone have any idea how to get ice gloves please tell me! Edit: sorry if this is the wrong section :3