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  1. Ang2lRs

    GL Brother with the grind :D!
  2. Ang2lRs

    I appreciate your opinion brother, battleground is a last man standing minigame but this would be 1v1 tournament where everybody starts with the same gear/setup/inventory & This would be like a weekly event or something like that
  3. Ang2lRs

    For new content What is the content called Hybrid/Melee Pk Tournaments How does it work? Let's start it off with getting the tournament advertised by the system in yell. "Hybrid or Melee Tournament Starting in 15 Minutes"Can Be Edited Depending on which type of event you guys are going for "Either Hybrid or Melee", There could be portals at home leading to this event with a NPC that could spam every 1-2 Minutes a message. So that once the players join the tournament, They're instantly geared with the a preset of the chosen tournament (Hybrid/Melee) by the Event Host. and make it so that everyone gets the same gear, same stats, same prayer & inventory. Then sets up a bracket automatically or manually depending on how you guys wanna do this 30 Seconds before the Event starts. What rewards does it give? I honestly think we should step up the prizes for this type of event since it only happens once or twice every weeks So the Prizes are really up to you guys There could be Event Keys Given to the top 3 Players Where they could open an Event Chest at home or ::soulroom with it and get something juicy. How will it benefit server/players? I know very well that DS is a Pvm server but Sometimes farming bosses over and over again can be quite painful So these events could add some spice to their adventure along the way and change their mind for a bit. + It would be rewarding if they were to get in the top 3. (Win/Win) Event honestly. How could it be expanded in the future? We would have to see If lots of players love participating in those and If yes, Then we could go as far as Adding more options to these event such as Event Points for participating in those which could be rewarding on long term with an Event shop that offers really good items for some Bosses or Raids. Example : Boots (Gives you +20% Damage in raids) <-- That's just an example of an item there could be in the shop. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) If i were to think of negative effect this could have, It would be If poorly executed. But other than that, it would be a fair and balanced event If well executed, that happens not that often once or twice a week Which will spice up our DS Players Adventures. Note : This is just a suggestion I came up with since i know some of you guys kinda get tired of grinding same boss over and over and this could be a great opportunity for all of us to have a change of mind once a while.
  4. Ang2lRs

    Oh True , I guess will work on the correct format and resubmit. Thanks for the insight
  5. Ang2lRs

    Vouch It's an amazing idea! New content is always appreciated 😄
  6. Ang2lRs

    I think adding Hybrid / Melee Pk tournaments would be a great addition to the server especially since there's no pking on server. I understand this is a Pvming server but It would be fun once in a while to have one of those with a good rewarding prize for the top 3 players. They could happen every Friday and Sunday Since they're mostly busy days with lots of players. And a Preset could be done so that once the players join the tournament, They're instantly geared and gets the same gear, same stats, same prayer & inventory.
  7. Ang2lRs

    Good luck on achieving those goals Cold, I'm also grinding for those gloves, I must say they're pretty hard to get :s!
  8. Ang2lRs

    Correct me If I'm wrong, I think You need to be holding most of the emblems In your inventory for the system to recognize that your on the Exemple: Tier 6 emblem and that you need the Tier 7
  9. Ang2lRs

    Great Video Buddy! Keep it up 😄
  10. Ang2lRs

    Honestly, Not a bad suggestion but Mbox Isn't really the only place where new players can farm cluescrolls to progress. There's always Rev caves where they can also gain Pkpoints and upgrade their emblems + Getting clue scrolls.
  11. Ang2lRs

    It's a great suggestion 👍 Implementing an All Option would speed things up for us instead of just relying on Autoclicker/Macro to do all of them. And won't have any effect on eco whatsoever.
  12. Ang2lRs

    Congratss Vaider!! 😄
  13. Ang2lRs

    Gzz to the winners! Special Thanks to @Hc Jessie for this wonderful event :D
  14. Keep up the great work brother IGN : Ang2lRs Thanks for the giveaways !

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