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  1. Mrdoctor.

    Thanks for the feedback always great to get feedback, I'm glad you like the work the wiki team are doing. Yes, i join the discord as much as i can but atm i have a lot of work to do so not much time to get on voice. Yes the doctor always watch over the #DSGANG
  2. Gl with the drops get those drops
  3. Wow another amazing update great work you guyz and love the new cape
  4. Mrdoctor.

    Thx bow
  5. Mrdoctor.

    After a few hard try to beat wave 50 i finely complete it
  6. Mrdoctor.

    Its a great suggestion. for the part of the work to make it happen, make it stackable, and yes i may look weird but less work. Vouch
  7. Damm nice update like the new raid boss so much, and nice new custom great work guyz keep up the great work
  8. Mrdoctor.

    Sweet thx m8
  9. Mrdoctor.

    Like this event gl to all. ING: irondoc
  10. Mrdoctor.

    Sorry to see you leave bro. wish you all the best irl take care bud
  11. Mrdoctor.

    Great event good luck to all that enter.
  12. Mrdoctor.

    awesome event looking forward to watch the video gl to all
  13. Nice update team. Cool new custom item, love to see the new donation scrolls and new pets. Keep up the great work #DSGANG
  14. Mrdoctor.

    Hello Dreamers! I have stepped downs as helper course of the next 3 months i have to focus on my school. This is not a goodbye i will be back when I'm finished with my education. I would like to thx the staff team you are all doing a great work, i will miss the time in the game and the funny stuff. Take care all @DRAX @Feeds @Flae @Lil Bowwow @Emperor Nick @Amonn @Guru @Bman @Chuck @Stuart
  15. Mrdoctor.

    Welcome to the Dreamscape server m8. Make sure to check out ::wiki for info about money making guide, boss drop guides and more to look at, also join the help chat channel we have in the game (help cc) you can always find people in there who are willing to help you out. also, make sure to pm an staff if you have any question or problems ingame. make sure to check out the ::discord server we have, it is a great opportunity to meet the community and the staff team and join them for some talk and hang out in there. My pm is always on so send me a private message if you need help. good luck on the server i hope you will enjoy it here.. MrDoctor.

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