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  1. Explain your suggestion: So essentially I got somewhat bamboozled by this page because reading the wiki page led me to believe that the owner cape was included in the sponsor rank purchase. I think it's fairly easy for someone to misunderstand the intent of the page. Pages: https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Sponsor Item: Sponsor Rank
  2. blandorando

    Thanks, everyone! Account is being weird so I've been focusing on my Iron Man and it's been interesting starting from the beginning. I've been pretty lucky with some drops so I can't complain really 😁
  3. blandorando

    Have you had any luck with drops since the update? The new drops seem to be quite the game changer!
  4. blandorando

    Hello everyone! I haven't been on this server in a long time, but figured with COVID still somewhat wreaking havoc that I'd join in on the fun again! Look forward to see you all out there!

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