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  1. Now is the time to be thankful and giving 😁

  2. Vouch!! I would Love for 6th items to come into the game! I do not think they should be so rare... 🙃 Or hard to acquire, coming from someone who has 12k+ kc with no cake pet 😢
  3. Wish you the best in everything you do cold! Good luck!
  4. Yes! definitely the best Rsps out there! #DsGang!
  5. You can say that again! This is the best place to be here chilling with the DsGang!
  6. HD is looking Lit! #DsGang!

  7. Thanks DsGang! What an amazing update! Keep up the great work!
  8. Halloween Hypeee!!!!! Excited to see what the DsGang has in store for us this year!!! #DSGANG!

  9. Amazing vid bro! Thanks for helping out the new players here in Ds! Great addition to the arsenal of information to send new players! #DsGang!
  10. Yes Sir! Willy is an amazing member of the Ds community! Always there and willing to help! Thanks Willy! #DsGang! ❤️
  11. Congrats to all! Well deserved! #DsGang~!
  12. Max on everything allowed, stats, aoe, range, etc XD
  13. We do have the greatest staff around! Thank you Ds Staff!!! #DSGANG!
  14. Congrats bro! took me a while as well! #DSGANG!
  15. There are a few exe things i wish there was just a simple ::command for instead of having to use the ::exe menu.
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