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  1. Halloween Hypeee!!!!! Excited to see what the DsGang has in store for us this year!!! #DSGANG!

  2. Amazing vid bro! Thanks for helping out the new players here in Ds! Great addition to the arsenal of information to send new players! #DsGang!
  3. Yes Sir! Willy is an amazing member of the Ds community! Always there and willing to help! Thanks Willy! #DsGang! ❤️
  4. Congrats to all! Well deserved! #DsGang~!
  5. Max on everything allowed, stats, aoe, range, etc XD
  6. We do have the greatest staff around! Thank you Ds Staff!!! #DSGANG!
  7. Congrats bro! took me a while as well! #DSGANG!
  8. There are a few exe things i wish there was just a simple ::command for instead of having to use the ::exe menu.
  9. I agree, then maybe it would be worth grinding lol
  10. Usually you just pm a dono admin about the custom prices but yes it would be very helpful to have a place we can all go to just have an updated reference.
  11. Less stats, but amazing idea bro.
  12. I love this, they are in the game! why not have a chance to keep them in the game! ❤️
  13. I agree, although the sets being only available in the grinder is keeping the pieces over the price
  14. I love this not only for the bonuses but so now we can use all the extra bps in the game lol
  15. Question 1) What is your In-game Username? Poonslayer Question 2) What is your Discord Username/ID(example:Peripheral#5348)? Mike_Pks#5619 Question 2.5) What position are you applying for? Peripheral's Job. ツ Question 3) What is your age? 25 Question 4) Have you ever been blocked from the wiki, or received any other infraction relating to DreamScape? Never Question 5) What languages do you speak? English Question 6) Write a brief introduction about yourself. I am an experienced player within the Dreamscape community.
  16. Awesome fixes!! Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into making Ds an amazing place to be! #DSGANG!
  17. Forum Username: PoonSlayerツRank Requesting: Veteran/Plat rankAmount of Months since user joined Forums: 3 years, 1 monthScreenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation: https://i.gyazo.com/b6ee5dd1bff2bd66378b049695e100af.png https://i.gyazo.com/c8ffd8825d3d142203f26359c8c5dff3.png
  18. Well, where do i begin... I started my Ds career just like anyone else i assume, off an ad or from a friend. I loved everything about Ds the moment i logged in. I vividly remember the beginning days of Ds. I played every single day for months on end helping people in the chat and teleing around in game to help people who needed something. I was eventually promoted to Helper by the lovely staff manager that we still have today. I worked everyday as a helper to continue my working helping the new and incoming players understand the game of Ds. Eventually my dedication was noticed by not only Own
  19. I can see where you are coming from. Back in the day we used to host more formal events but i guess its gotten pretty casual over the time.
  20. Always coming out with the amazing updates! Keep up the great work!
  21. Ownercape 99, good luck to all who participate. Thanks for hosting guys.
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