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  1. Michael

    Wow gotta pick one of those up
  2. Michael

    Well, where do i begin... I started my Ds career just like anyone else i assume, off an ad or from a friend. I loved everything about Ds the moment i logged in. I vividly remember the beginning days of Ds. I played every single day for months on end helping people in the chat and teleing around in game to help people who needed something. I was eventually promoted to Helper by the lovely staff manager that we still have today. I worked everyday as a helper to continue my working helping the new and incoming players understand the game of Ds. Eventually my dedication was noticed by not only Ownerscape, but Xp barrage also wanted some help in the upper ranks so Gio made it official to promote me to Moderator. I can honestly tell you, being a staff member in the world of DreamScape was one of the most fun experiences i ever have gotten to participate in. I love the interaction between the community and i love how it didnt feel like a "job" getting on and helping people. It was fun, to spread the knowledge of Ds and help the players get better and more efficient. It was a great experience to help the development team on a few tasks, knowing some things are in the game because of me are cool. =p I wish I never had to leave Ds because i know i could be a great staff member. Coming back to Ds now, to see all the changes that have been made are amazing. There is a lot to learn and i plan to learn it. On my journey to learning Ds again maybe if i help a few others along the way ill be able to claim a spot on the team again some day. 😃 #DSGANG 4 Life
  3. Michael

  4. Michael

  5. Michael

    I can see where you are coming from. Back in the day we used to host more formal events but i guess its gotten pretty casual over the time.
  6. Always coming out with the amazing updates! Keep up the great work!
  7. Oh my god. Talk about hard work. Thank you so much guys. Much appreciated!
  8. Michael

    Ownercape 99, good luck to all who participate. Thanks for hosting guys.
  9. Michael

    Thanks for your feedback @Blueoptic, I haven't seen you in game in a while. I am trying to get more active in the forums and the creation of helpful threads. My goal: Exceed the expectations of a regular helper =p Thanks for your advice, you DS Legend. Glad to see you still around.
  10. Awesome update! Keeping up the great work. Glad to be a part of this awesome #DSGANG!
  11. Michael

    Sounds like an awesome event! Cant wait! =p
  12. Michael

    Congrats @masks!! Well deserved =p We will all be there some day =)
  13. Michael

    Great job! Gettin them Goals in =p

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