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  1. GlitchyBox

    congratz guys! you earned it.
  2. I'll be doing a physical for my new job 😞 catch ya on the next one 😞
  3. "GlitchyBox" (if im unbanned by then for 500q cash stack) if not my extreme account might be able to play :3 "Glitchy Jr" Glitchybox#7845 got a party and lady that night so, I'll do my best 😛
  4. when your waiting for your account to be white listed,  and all your other accounts got nothing, but all you do is gamble :'( 

  5. GlitchyBox

    8/10 are we doing the splits? or are we running? idk
  6. GlitchyBox

  7. Welcome man, enjoy the stay
  8. miss you boo


  9. Waiting on that account recovery cause #brokenphone Yawn...

  10. GlitchyBox

    oh heyyyy 😛 I remember you clear as clear blue water down south. that we did and will Bodhi
  11. GlitchyBox

    thanks for the sig it looks great!
  12. been year and half basically since i was last on, all my friends arent here anymore, but oh well. i'm here to mess around again. let's have a blast.