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  1. GlitchyBox

    support, this needs to be done. i never noticed when i was there, but i honestly dont track points.
  2. GlitchyBox

    congratz guys! you earned it.
  3. I'll be doing a physical for my new job 😞 catch ya on the next one 😞
  4. "GlitchyBox" (if im unbanned by then for 500q cash stack) if not my extreme account might be able to play :3 "Glitchy Jr" Glitchybox#7845 got a party and lady that night so, I'll do my best 😛
  5. when your waiting for your account to be white listed,  and all your other accounts got nothing, but all you do is gamble :'( 

  6. GlitchyBox

    8/10 are we doing the splits? or are we running? idk
  7. GlitchyBox

  8. Welcome man, enjoy the stay
  9. miss you boo


  10. Waiting on that account recovery cause #brokenphone Yawn...

  11. GlitchyBox

    oh heyyyy 😛 I remember you clear as clear blue water down south. that we did and will Bodhi
  12. GlitchyBox

    thanks for the sig it looks great!