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  1. I sure do buddy 😛 i remember taking your bank all the time. trying to recover my pass because i had to reinstall windows, but someone keeps telling me to stop recovering my account >.> cant wait to see everyone in game once again tho! great to meet everyone who i haven't yet.
  2. Alot of you(until last may when I took a break) might remember be as a TD. I resigned when I took a job hours away and wasn't going to have a computer or a place to play, well that's all changed now, I got my own place, and moved my computer and everything up here, so its time to continue! those who don't remember me, oh well, I probably didn't clean you gambling or your new 😛
  3. I'll be doing a physical for my new job 😞 catch ya on the next one 😞
  4. "GlitchyBox" (if im unbanned by then for 500q cash stack) if not my extreme account might be able to play :3 "Glitchy Jr" Glitchybox#7845 got a party and lady that night so, I'll do my best 😛
  5. when your waiting for your account to be white listed,  and all your other accounts got nothing, but all you do is gamble :'( 

  6. Waiting on that account recovery cause #brokenphone Yawn...

  7. oh heyyyy 😛 I remember you clear as clear blue water down south. that we did and will Bodhi
  8. been year and half basically since i was last on, all my friends arent here anymore, but oh well. i'm here to mess around again. let's have a blast.
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