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  1. Not to bad of an idea.
  2. Ign: hc 1993 Discord: hc 1993#7123 Hopefully ill be awale at 4.30am hah.
  3. Hc 1993

    In this thread youll see loots from over 13k keys at the soulchest, which was obtained from my goal -::thread 23203 With my gear i also have 90% luck bonus, and emp ring which has a chance at saving keys when use! hopefully you enjoy this kind of stuff, i can definitely do more! Also leave some feedback cheers! STARTING POINT Magegrays Finish Point Magegrays Total experience from magegray keys - Total Loot from magegray keys - 17 soulfalres In total i saved 780 keys! STARTING POINT Necromancer's Finish point Necromancer's Total experience from nercomancer keys - // total - 2,118,000 Total Loot from Necromancer keys - 2 nax amulets, 1 Infernal gloves, 1 infernal bottoms. Total keys saved 493! STARTING POINT Olaf's Finish Point Olaf's Total experience from olaf keys - Total loot from olaf keys - 2 berserker boots, 2 olaf staffs, 1 olafs top, 1 olafs cape Total keys saved 568!
  4. Hc 1993

    i was losing all hope, and motivation. so i turned all my souls into keys to keep my mind in place! we have 1 item to go until my goal is complete i'm so happy right now, and thanks to @Feeds the other night telling me not to give up haha i will complete this goal! day 21 one and still going. now its time for the ARCHERS BOOTS PL0X https://gyazo.com/a1c24840c9e4d137dbe3760af61bd0b9
  5. Hc 1993

    Hey bud, welcome to dreamscape! Glad ya choose this server to play. As bodhi said the help cc is great. Also the ::wiki is amazing. hope to see ya ingame.
  6. Hc 1993

    UPDATED items needed. - olafs platebody - archers boots
  7. Hc 1993

    I quite like this very cool, nice work bud.
  8. Hc 1993

    Welcome to ds my friend!
  9. Hc 1993

    UPDATED items needed. - olafs platelegs - olafs platebody - archers boots was so happy to get the olafs staff pretty early, next update will be once i've got any of the above items.
  10. Hc 1993

    Ayy goodluck man! Let it rain drops
  11. Hc 1993

    Pretty big update, completed necromancer, now just for some olaf luck haha! the real grind begins. items still needed - olafs platelegs - olafs platebody - olafs staff - archers boots
  12. Hc 1993

    Updated. items still needed - olafs platelegs - olafs platebody - olafs staff - archers boots - yix amulet - nax amulet
  13. Hc 1993

    Welcome to the forums side of things man, ive seen you ingame a few times. Glad ya enjoying yourself 😄
  14. Hc 1993

    Updated. items still needed - olafs platelegs - olafs platebody - olafs staff - archers boots - infernal hat - yix amulet - nax amulet Surprised i got the trix orb so early, next hard one is olafs staff -.-

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