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  1. 1993

    Thats insane luck haha! Nice loots buddy.
  2. 1993

    Mazda 6 08 model. Nothing special gets me from point A to point B
  3. 1993

    The never ending story.
  4. 1993

    Thread locked Looks like i win.
  5. 1993

    Welcome to ds, no questions a stupid question. Enjoy the server my friend.
  6. 1993


    This make me sad haha grats though! Currently been trying for 2 weeks on my ironman for a sf.
  7. 1993

    Its the lottery, its a type of gambling and luck. Dont think anything should change.
  8. 1993

    Hey my friend, I like how you choose the make videos. Ill give you my opinion. For me you need commentary, as these kind of videos same with your last one just drags on. 4 minutes feels like 2hrs. As just doing the motions over and over, Hope this doesnt discourage you to make videos. Maybe talk about updates or future events ( or anything )while doing 1hr of something in the background. Keep moving forward my friend!
  9. 1993

    Congratulations to those who won ??
  10. 1993

    I dont see the need for this to happen and its quite easy to obtain a clue. But as for souls, sure but id say they would only drop 1 at a time not 3/10 as pengs are easily one hit. And maybe about 400 souls per key. Rewards shouldnt be to amazing as its already profitable enough. So support for souls But no support to get clues from peng keys.
  11. 1993

    Nice video man, Some things though, doesnt really seem like you thought out what you wanted to say/do. The methods them selves arent bad i like that part, for me it dragged out to much and lack of some informationon certain things. And i reckon the giveaway should of been in a separate video. Not having a dig man, i enjoy your content. Just some of my opinions Keep it up buddy.
  12. 1993

    Welcome my friend.
  13. 1993

    Timezone: AEST Australia queensland. UTC +10.00 ign: hc 1993
  14. 1993

    Well written guide fellas, will help all players new n old.