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  1. @The dibber Congratz big man! only just seen this post, well deserved. DS #1 player :).
  2. IGN: Iamgoaliehc sign me up big man! il try my best to stay on for it!
  3. Great to have you back! Look forward to seeing you around:).
  4. Man I didn't want to read this 😞 you will be missed! Such a great part of the ds community and someone who's done a lot for a lot of people. Sad to see you go but I wish you well in all life has to offer! Take care buddy!
  5. I like the idea but please head over to the suggestions section on the forums and post this there using the correct format provided.
  6. Welcome! If you ever need help with gambling me and the other trusted hosts are here to help!
  7. Another great instalment of dreamers monthly! Always excited to see this come around and it did not disappoint again keekeep up the good work! Shootout to all involved!
  8. Big +1 on this as unless you donate like you mentioned treasure hunter is near enough dead content to anyone past a few hour of gameplay. 100% vouch!
  9. It has been a pleasure playing with you! And I wish you all the best with your IRL goals! You will be missed but don't be a stranger we will always be here for a catch up 😁
  10. Welcome my man! I hope to see you making some bank at dicezone or see you around at some events :).
  11. I vouch for this! And also in xebos may be aswell, the amount of times I've wrote out a telw command to then spend 30 secs wondering why I'm still in the room haha.
  12. Sad to see you gone man! Hopefully we will see "we back yeet has logged on" one day again. Good luck with everything you do in life!
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