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  1. IAmGoalieHC

    We was chatting about this yesterday I 100% vouch would love to see the tbow added!
  2. IAmGoalieHC

    I'm assuming he can't pm you on discord as one of he's issues is he can't get on discord 😁
  3. IAmGoalieHC

    I vouch for this! And also in xebos may be aswell, the amount of times I've wrote out a telw command to then spend 30 secs wondering why I'm still in the room haha.
  4. IAmGoalieHC

    I do like this idea as currently raids can be extremely un rewarding unless you get super lucky as the drops are extremely rare and the other rewards are quite bad. Having some form of cosmetic gear rewards based on a raids theme would be sweet, like the link set from arcade. It's a vouch from me!
  5. IAmGoalieHC

    Sad to see you gone man! Hopefully we will see "we back yeet has logged on" one day again. Good luck with everything you do in life!
  6. IAmGoalieHC

    Love this idea and I'm excited to see how you guys have planned it out! As for the commander perks I have a couple ideas. - bonus damage (maybe if the rewards from karma is weapons/gear then bonus damage using those weapons/gear) - + X% drop rate and luck bonus - whoever the commander rank is held by their faction gains a karma exp/point boost. - the ability to call a war between the factions (battlegrounds PvP style) to decide who's the best faction, winners gaining karma points towards rewards). Just a few ideas but I can't wait to see how this update plays out!
  7. IAmGoalieHC

    Glad your not fully gone and will still be In the ds scene! You've been great a co owner, thank you for all you've done! Good luck in your career and I hope it all goes to plan for you!
  8. Quests 10 New Skills 7 New bosses 2 New Raids 1 New minigames 3 New beginner content 8 New beginner gear and weapons 5 New end game gear and weapons 6 Revamping old content 9 Donator Content 4
  9. IAmGoalieHC

    Amazing instalment of dreamers monthly really well written, I really enjoyed reading all of it. (+ some very good guests if I do say so myself 😋) Keep up the good work! I look forward to the next one.
  10. IAmGoalieHC

    I would love to see this, mainly for the event countdown as it's sometimes annoying to have to convert time zones to figure out if I can attend. But great idea! I vouch for this.
  11. IAmGoalieHC

    As @HC Canada mentioned as long as this doesn't take to much dev time I fully vouch for this, would be a nice qol update.
  12. IAmGoalieHC

    I like the idea on an event basis, or maybe as a reward but not an easily achieved one, maybe you report a game breaking bug you can get 1 hour as a reward, or you achieve sponser rank you get 1 hour, exec rank you get 2 hours etc. I think if this is considered it needs to be hard to achieve. Maybe you reach $300 donated in a month, your allowed an hour etc. It can't just be on an achievement basis otherwise it is possible to be farmed by making multiple accounts and completing the easier achievements. However I do also agree it's something special to have plat rank and the plat partners do deserve the edge they have on everyone else. I see benefits for and against so I remain neutral on this I think.
  13. IAmGoalieHC

    Great guide Cj! Amazing work as per usual
  14. I love seeing this put into writting. It's something that is so hard to figure out when starting ds, I mean osrs for example you can't jump in and get a basic tier weapon and go kill bandos, the same happens in ds, although yes uou can get a basic tier weapon like a ice katana and physically kill a necromancer, it would take an extremely long time to get a drop. So it's the same idea as osrs in that respect but different solutions.
  15. IAmGoalieHC

    100% vouch, great qol suggestion.