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  1. Bale

    Hope you have a great rest of your life and live it to your fullest!!! if you do return and If im on pm me, will always say Hi! Also glad I could lend my knowledge to someone
  2. Bale

    Okay so, personally I believe that sponsor skilling should be changed because 1 point per day and an item in the store is 3-45 points is not worth it. Full ringleader = 180 days for full set Donator Boxes = 3 per box red/blue boxing gloves = 21 per pair My suggestion for sponsor skilling zone: Revamp the point system so it isn't daily. How someone with sponsor would acquire skilling points is by skilling around the zone and or a system like slayer but for skilling that can be repeated infinitely. Revamp where sponsor skilling zone is. It is very clustered and IS NOT appealing to the eye because everything is so close and it doesn't fit the vision of a skilling zone. Also with the addition of the new trees, it would be nice if they were added to sponsor zone. Revamp the reward shop because there are a lot of other shops that have donator boxes in them and another store with a donation item in it doesn't really need to be ingame, boxing gloves should be unique to castle wars imo, and ringleader can stay because a player cannot find it anywhere else but i believe the cost should be reduced by a little bit if the point system is not going to be revamped for sponsor skilling. (Not saying that ringleader should be super cheap but maybe like 5-10 points less.) Also maybe add other outfits that would benefit skilling or cosmetics that are unique like ringleader. The zone offers no real purpose besides grinding for 180 days for a set or boxes that takes 3 days per box to get. These are my reasons for suggesting a revamp for sponsor zone. If there is anything that is unclear I can try to explain to the best of my ability but leave a comment on thoughts. *COUGH* sponsors *cough*
  3. Bale

    Nice production as always! I think my two favorites are the 3rd and last sig.
  4. Bale

    Looking good noob....looking good
  5. Honestly, instead of the raffle ticket for dream maul of omens would rather see vorago redone and it dropped there again because as of right now and since forever vorago has been dead content and it's honestly really depressing because vorago is cool as hell. Other than that the update is okay because minigame was introduced.
  6. Bale

    Mannnnn, sad to see you go but live a good life to the fullest and best wishes to you my friend
  7. Hello Dreamscape, Today I wanted to rant over some things that I DEEM TO BE VERY BORING INGAME and make suggestions and see what people think about them 1. Slayer Where to start.... First of all i'd like to say the slayer system and rewards seem very very rushed and not paid attention to. In any game slayer is a way to make money and get extra benefits for killing that certain monster. HOWEVER in dreamscape the rewards inside the shop sorry to say are utter garbage. The items inside the reward shop don't help any player whatsoever. Though some may say there's good items in there, but what is good in there? Nothing, because people around dreamscape have so much of that certain item that it's not even worth slaying for. For example there is chaotic claws, anger mace, sword of 1k truths inside, cosmetics, useless weapons. Every single item inside the shop can be obtained in dreamscape faster than doing slayer. The slayer tasks are even more boring since you barely make any money from the bosses themselves besides souls and you have to be super lucky to obtain a drop or wait thousands of kills to get a drop that some of the times doesn't cost the time you spent camping for it. Fix I recommend: Redo the slayer system from the ground up and make it UNIQUE from other custom servers. Slayer Tasks: Use the slayer monsters from osrs or make custom slayer monsters that require different styles to defeat. These monsters would have improved health and damage that accounts for the combat system of dreamscape. With the addition of the new slayer tasks the current tasks you can receive would be boss tasks and only the high tier bosses would be counted to counteract the lower tiered bosses. To re pick a task it'd take the dreamscape points to get another task and if you don't want to do that you can choose to get an easier task but it would be the lower tier bosses. Slayer Monsters: Just like in osrs or rs3 there are monsters that require certain items to finish off. Adding these requirements would be good because it requires attention to complete the task even though it may be tedious. Examples of monsters health - Crawling hands, Health - 100-500 Difficulty: easy Damage: 1-7 hp Requirements: None Dreamscape Gargoyles, Health: 3000-5000 Difficulty: Hard Damage: 10-20 hp Requirements: 80 slayer, Rock Hammer Abyssal dreams Health: 5000-6000 Difficulty: Hard Damage 10-15 Requirements: 87 slayer Now you may be thinking why do these when we could do the boss slayers and hope for a drop. Here's my idea Slayer Drops for regular tasks: Each slayer monster could drop a certain fragment that you can combine into armor and weapons from the slayer smith (New npc). The fragments would start from ultra rare drops from easier monsters and the droprate would slowly increase due to the difficulty of the task. This would kind of serve as the middle tier armor because of the price jump from the custom armors in dreamscape. With the fragment drops the monsters can drop items that when sold to the (Slayer Treasurer) the player would receive anywhere from 100b-1t at a random interval. Hunters Garb: Hunters hood: 5-15 slayer fragments Hunters Garb: 10-15 slayer fragmentes Hunters Leggings: 10-15 slayer fragments Hunters boots and gloves: 5 slayer fragments Behemoths Armor: Behemoths Horns: 5-10 slayer fragments Behemoths Hard Hide: 15-20 slayer fragments Behemoths Hard scales (legs): 15-20 slayer fragments Behemoths gloves and boots: 5 slayer fragments Lich King Armor: Lich King Crown: 5-10 slayer fragments Lich King Robes: 15 slayer fragments Lick Kings Bottoms: 12 slayer fragments Lich Kings boots and gloves: 5 slayer fragments Weapons: Bow of the nightinfell: 25 slayer fragments Reaper of the Winds: 25 slayer fragments Staff of everlasting: 25 slayer fragments After obtaining these armor sets the player can increase the tier of the armor which would increase the stats. Each tier increase the amount of slayer fragment cost would increase. This would make players strive to slay. Also the fragments would only be dropped by these certain npcs or if on task it drops. Slayer Benefits: Some benefits for slayer would be double damage, longer tasks, more points upon completion, and kill finishes. Economy: I believe lowering the rates on some bosses would benefit the server because right now the economy is sectioned off from new players who only f2p, the donators that have decent banks, the donators who have a good amount and then the extremely rich players. Having some high tier bosses drops reduced would benefit the players who need to catch up by them obtaining the higher tier gear. There are many bad benefits with this but there are good benefits to because the droprate is raised, the ecomomy can even out for the non donators because of the upgrade chest the items won't be too out of control with the hard rates. While the donation items can stay where they are because they cost real money. Bosses: I believe making each boss only drop their respective ultra rare items is something to consider. Reason is that the lower tier items are always being looked over because the higher tier bosses drop that lower tier bosses drop as an uncommon drop. Also there are bosses that drop the same thing as another boss. This doesn't make any sense why it would happen like that and there are some bosses that need to be reworked and revisited for their drops such as God Wars Dungeon, Icy skeleton, Phoenix boss, and sea troll queen are the bosses i'm concerned about. (I can make another thread that has new idea for drops) Player Killing: The pvp gear for server is still bugged even after months of it being known about, it needs to be changed along with its pk shop because it's also GARBAGE. Vorago: Vorago needs to be revisited and moved back to spider hill where it is multi. It would increase pvp activity because of the multi zone and if pvp is fixed more options for events. Shops: Some shops that need to be revisited because of what I can tell they're being disregarded for some reason and items in there are useless because they can be obtained ingame and the quantity of those items are enormous. All of the shops being mentioned haven't been touched since forever and really does need to be looked at again. Shops: Achievement shop Prestige shop Pk Shop Rares Shop Other in dept suggestions to come PLEASE STAFF Consider this suggestion PLEASE Please comment what you think and ideas! @Feeds and @Stuart @Player own90
  8. Bale

    You monster :( now what if people don't guess anymore
  9. Bale

    Hey Dreamers so today I thought i'd make a little guessing game. The people im going to be listing can be very misleading because of their looks. Most of the people that are going to be listed are Kpop members and mostly from girl groups and maybe some actors which are also Koreans. Cause lord knows all these people look really really really good and maybe not what you'd think there age to be. 1. Jeon Somi 2. Irene 3. Taeyeong 4. Song Joong Ki 5. G Dragon 6. Tzuyu Once you comment and guess ages I'll pm on forums. Goodluck. If you guys like I can make more of these!
  10. Bale

    Ohhhhh very nice looking signature. I like the lighting of the first signature and avatar. Good job
  11. Bale

    Hello peoples, so I want to make a list of anime that has great artwork. Even if you're not into anime you should definitely watch some of them. IF you have watched some listed in the list make a comment of what you thought about it. Anime: One Punch Man (1 season) (season 2 coming 2018) Great visuals and color that really escalate the fighting scenes to really make it stand out and show the power and awesomeness of the major fights. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (1 Season) The artwork in this anime is very colorful and lively. The style is very detailed and more of a drawn looking anime than others. The storyline is also good because it's a slice of life following a group of people around as the build a bond of friendship with each other to survive. Sword of the Stranger (Movie) Anime with one of the greatest sword fighting scenes with great artwork and music that escalates the action scenes. Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka (1 season and an arc movie) Anime with good storyline and clean work. Overall a great anime but does leave some questions and the want for a second season to see what happens Boku No Hero Acadmeia (2 seasons) (season 3 coming 2018) Anime has a good storyline and in action scenes the way it's shot makes the scenes enjoyable. Many more season to go because of the time it takes for character to build up. (Read manga if you want to read ahead of anime) God Eater (1 Season) Good points are: Clean artwork, storyline is okay, ending makes you want another season. Log Horizion (2 seasons) Anime is good because of the storyine though it takes a little while to build up in my opinion and the second season does leave holes and no third season announced of what i know. Shingeki no kyojin (Attack on Titan) (2 seasons) (season 3 coming 2018) Anime has fantastic artwork, can have very gruesome scene, the action is nice to watch because of big ass humanoids, effects, and way its made. Kind of has big turns due to certain things emerging. Your Lie in April The anime is more of a slice of life and musical anime. The anime does get very depressing towards the end and it can get very emotional if you allow it to be. Very good artwork and story though. Fate Night Stay Unlimited Blade works (or the series of fate night) Very very good colors and actions scenes that bring out the power of action scenes. Colors are vibrant and makes each scene very clear and appeasing. Owari No Seraph A nice anime not much to say but it has nice artwork and okay fighting scenes. Magi Series Artwork is nice and each season or story has great plot and drive. The action scene are very nice as well. K (2 seasons) The colors are very poppy and vibrant that brings out the powers used by each character. Action scenes are nice because of the colors. The story is a little confusing though so might have to pay close attention. Noragami (2 seasons) Action scenes are great, nice plot, maybe a little emotional. Nanatsu No Taizai Action scenes are awesome. The anime is comedic and serious throughout and each character is OP in their own ways. Overlord (1 Season) (season 2 coming 2018) Great anime, the main character and his support characters are very very strong. The artwork is very nice as well. Great character models. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte) Anime is good for it's storyline and fight scenes. The fight scenes are gory however epic. Quan Zhi Gao Shou Anime has great artwork and colors. The fight scenes are very nice and main character is OP. Each anime is different and awesome in their own way so WATCH them. Watching them is the only way really to understand what little I described. Leave a comment about what you think and recommend any others you think are good. Also don't worry there is very little weird scenes, mostly action and adventure type anime besides "Your Lie in April." (REMEMBER each have great artwork and nice colors)
  12. Bale

    Thanks for the sigs man! nice and simple with colors
  13. Bale

    Xmas Vibes #CHRISTMAS Good luck peoples
  14. Bale

    Developer: Stan Question: 1. Will Vorago be looked at and revised? At the moment Vorago is dead content and would like to see it redone and maybe drops redone to. 2. When will Pking be fixed and the regular pvp items allowed again? 3. Is revising Slayer system and it's shops possible for future updates?