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  1. wolfskiller

    Holy what a deal ! get it before its to late
  2. wolfskiller

    nice guide
  3. wolfskiller

    Welcome ! dont forget to use ::wiki ! great way to find out alot of things 😜
  4. wolfskiller

    Welcome back to the server , lots have changed as you will find out 😛 enjoy the grind
  5. wolfskiller

    welcome, Goodluck on the grinds and loots ! #DSGANG
  6. wolfskiller

    Welcome , Good luck on the money grind ! 😛
  7. wolfskiller

    Welcome to Dreamscape ! hope you enjoy the server and stick around to farm #DSGANG
  8. wolfskiller

    DAMM , gl on the grind respect for the time you will put in it !
  9. wolfskiller

    Username: WolfskillerRank In-game: SponsorProof (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/054dbc07bef285f84fceacde6de57e85
  10. wolfskiller

    Agreed on the world bosses! about the pots idk in not against it but also not agreed to it, they def need a buff but cant make players OP
  11. Grats to the winners !
  12. wolfskiller

    SUPER nice deals ! very tempting awsome customs and one of a kind !
  13. great update ! the new pos is very good ans easy to use (when used to it), great idea to let players buy a daily reset token , if you are quite geared the tasks are fast love the Cosmetic overwrite , finnaly can wear your favorite armour/cosmetis on top of you 'main' armour the vote boxes are OP , great for new players to to get a start in stead of the 3m , keep it up with the update's !
  14. wolfskiller

    i play as a ironman to sometimes and i find it very fun to do things you never would do as playing on a normal account, the point of being ironman is not having it easy even when there are drop party's/pinatas i feel you tho ! but i wont vouche for this

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