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  1. Rikkih

    Man i havent been much around lately due IRL shit but you mentioned me how sweet! GL with everything man hopefully we will duo magegrays soon!
  2. Rikkih

    Wanted just to make a thread to see what people has their favorited song right now, anyways this is mine!
  3. Rikkih

    I would set the price of oblivion scythe more cause people will go crazy once their see the new raid boss and that hes only magic/melee and oblivian scythe is the mininum requirement as a weapon in order to survive Raiden. to the right buyer you could get 2.8q+ for am boxing gloves.
  4. Rikkih

    as you see the video had to be uploaded at ( 16th march ) as you can see, your video is uploaded 7th february.
  5. Rikkih

    Keep the video's rolling fellas!!! Lets see more videos!!!
  6. Rikkih

    Yes I will do that
  7. Rikkih

    Who is your favorite DS player?
  8. Rikkih

    This is going to be my entry video, good luck everyone!!!:
  9. Rikkih

    Hell yeah!!!! I'll definetly try my tip top now for this event!!!
  10. Rikkih

    Welcome back! Always happy to see that old players come back