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    I will be there! Ign - Hc Cheese #DSGANG
  2. hc cheese

    1st Suggestion Eagle Pets current buffs - And the brand new Eagle Pet which gives you a 50% boosted chance of getting birds nests while cutting trees and a 25% boosted chance of getting eagles nests while chopping at the mystic woods! Could an additional function be added to the Eagle Pet, which allows it to act like a Collectors Necklace and when a Eagle nest drops the Eagle pet grabs the nest and brings it back to the owner. So basically if you have an Eagle pet and your woodcutting it would auto loot the nest into your inventory/bank And the text that is displayed when you get an Eagle nest could change from a Eagles Nest fell out of the tree! to Your Eagle senses a falling nest and returns it to you! Something like that maybe, if the idea is well received. I dont even know if its possible to do what i suggested with a pet instead of a wearable item but thought i would suggest it. 2nd Suggestion The mystic woodcutting is quite popular. and it doesn't seem like there is enough trees to go around. To efficiently cut them you would need constant access to 3 trees, and there is only 12 in the new mystic wood cutting area. The reason you need 3 trees to efficiently Grind nests is because the tree could get cut down within 1 cut, it is very common if you are only cutting 2 tree's and are going back and forward between only 2 tree's there is down time in waiting for the tree's to re-spawn, cutting 3 tree's makes no down time what so ever so its the more efficient. not only would you need 3 tree's you would need no one else to be cutting the tree's that you are cutting, because The Eagle Nest is awarded when the tree has fallen/been cut down, so to my understanding this means that if 3 people are cutting 1 tree. only one of the 3 people cutting actually get the chance to loot a nest (if he was the last person to cut the tree/make it fall down). Because this is the way the nests are rewarded there is quite abit of frustration in the Mystic Wodds commonly displayed between fellow loggers. because if someone else finishes off the tree your cutting they have taken your chance to receive a Eagle Nest. At the minute there is not enough tree's to go around and i can understand this might be by design as to not over saturate the server with Avery/Hulk/Ring of Wealth (i)'s or it could just be because it wasn't expected to be as popular as it is. If the latter is true Fix 1# - A zone/level system/portal similar to ::mbox might be a good fix. The levels could be introduced/taken out and the amount rings being brought into the game could be controlled this way, but also being able to provide enough trees/space for everyone to cut happily Fix 2# - Change the way Nests are rewarded, instead of being only rewarded on the last Cut/making the tree fall down, Every log you cut you have a chance of receiving a nest. obviously the chance of getting nest would need to be amended if this change was implemented because of how many logs people cut compared to how many last hits/trees you make fall down. But this takes out the need to add Levels because it would not make a difference if multiple people are cutting the same tree. I can understand it makes sense that it would fall out of a tree if you was to cut a tree down in real life, but equally you could make a nest fall out a tree by hitting it with an axe so for lore sake i think we are still within the realms of things that make sense. Let me know what you guys think #DSGANG
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    Ign: Hc Cheese Timezone - BST Good Luck All #DSGANG
  4. IGN: Hc Cheese Timezone: BST
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    p.s. your meme made me laugh irl
  7. Few Plantationers Representing At The Magegreys The Hype is Real!
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    This is Log from application This is Log after a long session with the mage greys, was going to do chaos elemental but dont think i should do them until i have a mini-gun because of there popularity, i managed to get access to the 1 spawn off to the side at chaos-ele which means i would have to wait for it to re-spawn after every kill, but at magegreys i can go straight from kill to kill. Trying to be efficient as possible with what i have available to me if there is anything else you think i should be camping with (sf,inga,coll-neck) please let me know!
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    #GOLDDIGGAS Gl everyone
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    Trial sounds awesome to me! Hc Cheese is my main account that i will Pvm on, i have grinded Prestige 3 Slayer on him because i thought the extra tic Dmg would help with the Kills speeds and Such, Pvm Power. Thank you so much for the quick response and for the chance to show my worth. #Plantation
  11. In-Game Name: Hc Cheese/FrozenFate Real Name/Nickname: Chris/Chinny In-game play time (Picture): I created Frozenfate when joining the server about 2-3 weeks ago and then as i slowly started to understand dreamscape more i knew i needed to create a Hardcore because of the added benefits of playing that game mode and mostly being interested in Pvm, wanted to show a combined play time over the past 2-3 weeks. Age: 25 Time Zone: (GMT) UK Boss logs (Picture): Why do you think you should be a part of The Plantation? I have been playing Dreamscape for 2-3 weeks. i feel its very rare to find a private servers that actually make me want to play it, instead of me just playing it because im looking for something to do, which is the experience i had with previous RSPS. The play time i have accumulated over quite a short period of time should show my dedication to playing dreamscape. In the past 2-3 weeks what i have found most difficult is not playing dreamscape but getting involved with the community and making friends within the game itself, im quite shy i geuss on discord which doesn't help but i dont want to be, i want to be involved i want to make friends and talk to people and enjoy the game to the max which i dont think i have yet to experience. I Should be apart of The Plantation because i will try my best, i will be loyal, i will be polite, and given the chance i will make friends! Do you Accept the Tos? (What is Rule #6? (Also say Yes or No at the end of your answer)): These is no rule #6 - Yes