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    1st Suggestion Eagle Pets current buffs - And the brand new Eagle Pet which gives you a 50% boosted chance of getting birds nests while cutting trees and a 25% boosted chance of getting eagles nests while chopping at the mystic woods! Could an additional function be added to the Eagle Pet, which allows it to act like a Collectors Necklace and when a Eagle nest drops the Eagle pet grabs the nest and brings it back to the owner. So basically if you have an Eagle pet and your woodcutting it would auto loot the nest into your inventory/bank And the text that is displayed when you get an Eagle nest could change from a Eagles Nest fell out of the tree! to Your Eagle senses a falling nest and returns it to you! Something like that maybe, if the idea is well received. I dont even know if its possible to do what i suggested with a pet instead of a wearable item but thought i would suggest it. 2nd Suggestion The mystic woodcutting is quite popular. and it doesn't seem like there is enough trees to go around. To efficiently cut them you would need constant access to 3 trees, and there is only 12 in the new mystic wood cutting area. The reason you need 3 trees to efficiently Grind nests is because the tree could get cut down within 1 cut, it is very common if you are only cutting 2 tree's and are going back and forward between only 2 tree's there is down time in waiting for the tree's to re-spawn, cutting 3 tree's makes no down time what so ever so its the more efficient. not only would you need 3 tree's you would need no one else to be cutting the tree's that you are cutting, because The Eagle Nest is awarded when the tree has fallen/been cut down, so to my understanding this means that if 3 people are cutting 1 tree. only one of the 3 people cutting actually get the chance to loot a nest (if he was the last person to cut the tree/make it fall down). Because this is the way the nests are rewarded there is quite abit of frustration in the Mystic Wodds commonly displayed between fellow loggers. because if someone else finishes off the tree your cutting they have taken your chance to receive a Eagle Nest. At the minute there is not enough tree's to go around and i can understand this might be by design as to not over saturate the server with Avery/Hulk/Ring of Wealth (i)'s or it could just be because it wasn't expected to be as popular as it is. If the latter is true Fix 1# - A zone/level system/portal similar to ::mbox might be a good fix. The levels could be introduced/taken out and the amount rings being brought into the game could be controlled this way, but also being able to provide enough trees/space for everyone to cut happily Fix 2# - Change the way Nests are rewarded, instead of being only rewarded on the last Cut/making the tree fall down, Every log you cut you have a chance of receiving a nest. obviously the chance of getting nest would need to be amended if this change was implemented because of how many logs people cut compared to how many last hits/trees you make fall down. But this takes out the need to add Levels because it would not make a difference if multiple people are cutting the same tree. I can understand it makes sense that it would fall out of a tree if you was to cut a tree down in real life, but equally you could make a nest fall out a tree by hitting it with an axe so for lore sake i think we are still within the realms of things that make sense. Let me know what you guys think #DSGANG
  2. hc cheese

    The stories from the Old books are true... This changes everything. On my travels i once gazed upon a Wise Old Man, who gave me access to his library of ancient texts. Only would he do this after i assisted him with breaking into the Bank of Varrock. He gave me a zombie costume and wanted me to Run about Varrock as fast as i could to create a mad panic amongst the towns people, giving him an opportunity to go ahead with his plan of breaking into the Varrock Bank. After a few hours of reading the Texts of the Ancients it was said that a being with the powers of teleportation was running rampant through the lands of Runescape, being a menace towards the rich and a hero to the poor. His ability was not limited to Pre-destinations of the world we all explore, he could go through walls up mountains traveling faster then the eye could see to any destination he wanted to go to. His powers was limitless. He would perform such acts as teleporting into the banks of the wealthy and moving items about frantically, dis organizing the items of the rich, Using unthinkable colours of Dye on there most prized Armour and weapons, and worst of all he would stand at the grand exchange, Offering to buy teleportation tablets for 10,000 gold knowing anyone who approached him would trade as fast as they could, he would quickly shut the trade window, making the unknowing player teleport to the pre-destination set of the tablet stone, As the player vanished in front of his very eyes, he would chuckle and walk off into the sunset knowing that his full potential in life has been reached. But it was also said, that while he was teleporting from bank vault to bank vault, if he happened to came across one with no food/supplies he would leave either a Rock Cake, A Plain Pizza, a Raw Tuna or A Plain Cheese Chunk. Hc Maximum, Consider yourself lucky you have been offered a gift from the gods of the Ancients, Never Sell/Eat/::empty that Cheese from your inventory or you will be forever Cursed with plague known as Disconnetionitus, a Curse no man should ever be exposed to. Protect that Cheese with your life, its all up to you now.
  3. hc cheese

    It has recently come to my attention that it is not possible to obtain/create "Cheese" in dreamscape, which shocked me to my very core. I could not accept this information as being correct. since it is searchable on the Market. I attempted to aquire the tools to make my own Cheese, i spent 10t on a bucket, but a milk able cow is no where to be found. so i went to all the known Cheese spawns and i have found an active Cheese spawn located at the Bandit Camp in the Wilderness. For anybody interested there is also a Tomato Spawn located besides the Cheese spawn. The only issue is the Doors are shut/locked, I have been within 3 squares of this Cheese, it is real, i have smelt it. I know at this point of reading my suggestion everyone is getting extremely excited. To my knowledge this Cheese has been trapped in this building since Dreamscape first came online. The maturity of this Cheese would be like none ever known. I can almost taste it. I even Went all wizard mode and tried to Tele Grab the Cheese to safety but to no avail. My suggestion is - Open Thy Door, and let the Cheese Free. Dont deny the player base of Cheese no longer. #CheeseLivesMatter #DSGANG
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    Ign: Hc Cheese Timezone - BST Good Luck All #DSGANG
  5. hc cheese

    If there is a Tie maybe the 2 people who achieved first place could do a ft1 or ft3 dd, some sort of tie breaker. Just feel theres something that can be done with courses to get abit of community enjoyment out of. how about this if 15 people attend, then could split the participants into groups of 5, each group of 5 does 5 laps, the winner goes through to the final, so there would be 3 people in the final, then 1st. 2nd and 3rd could be awarded. but if midly valuable items were being dropped during each race some people would be tempted to run off to get them sacrificing there place in the race, and if 2 people are completely tic perfect and in-sync for 5 laps of the course they could go into the sudden death first to one DD battle, maybe something like that. Still alot of brainstorming going on in me head xD
  6. hc cheese

    Selling the infamous Agility Set, not a bad addition to a fashionscapers wardrobe if i do say so myself Message me in game @hc cheese Have a good day Dreamscapers
  7. hc cheese

    Also because it could be *be on discord* requirement, you could use the music bot and put on like race themed music and like Rocky theme music and stuff, to further increase the epicness of the event
  8. hc cheese

    Im really enjoying playing Dreamscape and i just had a new idea for an event so ive come to share my idea We have loads of community events, like hide and seek, dd tournaments and karaoke etc All which i enjoy attending and taking part in, but what do you guys thing about this for an event, Agility Course Race to win an Agility Course race it takes practice, perfect tics, if you loose one tic whilst racing someone it could be the difference between finishing 1st or finishing 2nd, there is little margin for error which makes for a very competitive event The event host could be the judge of the race, to be able take part in said race you could put the requirements as having to be on discord, so that would further help in getting the discord into a more active state, Hide and seeks are fun they are technically a race, with a riddle at the start which at this point there are people who know every location and are very efficient with the available teleports/commands, also riddles just dont mash with some people and they do with others. why dont we have a real race event :)! So if 20 people attend you could do the race and first 10 people to finish go into round 2 (say 5 laps of the agility course), then the 10 people race again and the first 3-5 people go into the final Race/Round i haven't really gone into depth into all the specifics but the is a broad idea of what the event could be i just want to present the basis idea of the event and if it has good feedback we can sit down and sort out the format of the event and how everything would work, having 3 courses available means every time you put on one of these events you can do it at a new location, which would keep it fresh every time it is put on. You could also add in curve balls Like dropping mildy valuable items during the race and if the racers are tempted by the items they would come off the course and pic up the item which obviously mean they would loose the race, but the true racers would keep there eyes on the finish line, just to add abit more pizzazz to the event i think this type of event has potential, let me know what you guys think DSGANG#
  9. hc cheese

    Im guessing this has already been suggested in the past, Buh what the hell. The ability to place an Armour set into a box/crate so you can place it on your PoS as a single item. Benefits would be simply typing *Crate* etc would display all sets on the market, making it easier for people to view the price for the total set vs the price per a piece of a set. Also giving new people an easy way to view all the sets in-game by simply heading to the market and typing in Crate/box could also reduce the amount of ::yells used to sell sets, because people tend not to put them on PoS in the fear that only a single piece of a set gets sold, resulting in the player having to sell a broken set, which usually takes alot longer then selling a complete set. Gambles could get juicer with players being able to fit more stuff into there inventory during there sessions if the 3/4 etc piece sets are only taking up 1 inventory space, juicer gambles on youtube is content The create/box design could simply be a box with the shade/colour/design of the Armour set, or it could just be a picture of the helm put onto a box/crate Dont know how difficult it would be to implement and i dont know if its been previously suggested but thought i would suggest my idea 😄 #DSGANG
  10. IGN: Hc Cheese Timezone: BST
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    p.s. your meme made me laugh irl
  13. Few Plantationers Representing At The Magegreys The Hype is Real!
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    This is Log from application This is Log after a long session with the mage greys, was going to do chaos elemental but dont think i should do them until i have a mini-gun because of there popularity, i managed to get access to the 1 spawn off to the side at chaos-ele which means i would have to wait for it to re-spawn after every kill, but at magegreys i can go straight from kill to kill. Trying to be efficient as possible with what i have available to me if there is anything else you think i should be camping with (sf,inga,coll-neck) please let me know!
  15. hc cheese

    #GOLDDIGGAS Gl everyone