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  1. s0nofg0d

    hey my ign:s0nofg0d i had forget my bank pin
  2. s0nofg0d

    nice tournament iam in s0nofg0d
  3. please answer me at my support

  4. hey man I cant log in to the server 

    they say to me iam banned and I don't know why can u check that


    1. Epok




      report it through support ticket in game :) & wait for response (& do not ask about the ticket while you waiting).

    2. s0nofg0d


      witch ticket and what u mean about ticket??

  5. hey man I had tagged u with an idea I have at chatbox  can u read it and start work on it


    1. splitrunner


      hi bro he would be busy buy just pm @ discord


    2. Feeds


      Make sure to check out 



      And post your suggestions here :- http://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/forum/78-suggestions/

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