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    I hope they do not take away your status, your videos are good and will continue to attract new players. Quantity does not mean quality,I prefer 1 cool and well done video per week than 3 badly made ones. I am not particularly playing much because I do not know how to progress there (laughs),anyway, good luck in your adventures. Att:Dragiron
  2. Hello, I come here to show my experiences in the game and give some tips. Basically, you start training on ::train there you will be very happy (in the first hour), they will drop many keys, you will get "happy", until the moment they discover that they are 85% useless. Then you will want to evolve and go to ::mbox, there you will be very happy (for the next 2 hours), there you will gain varied items, mysterious boxes, glock (good for ironmen), is what they say .. Hours later you will totally tire of ::mbox, the rates of falls are relatively low and you will want to get better items, at that point you will discover the ::starterboss, there you will be able to get a :royal sicle, basically serves to kill more penguins one A little bit faster (for what?) But until then you like the game (still), then you will spend many hours in ::mbox, picking up mysterious boxes to get better items, but you will not be able to, because mysterious boxes do not give anything useful For you to have a good equipment to kill boss decently. If in case you're lucky, you'll get a rifle or ak 47, you'll be very happy, so you think you'll have the potential to go better bosses and get better items and get rare items, where the problem comes in, the bosses of ::joinraids , It is basically (3 players with more damage, win items), there you will find players with the best items in the game (10000x better than yours), you only get chances if have 2 players there (it's rare). But you will want to find a way to kill other bosses, the problem is that they have absolutely nothing, only souls and talismas (this is sad), souls serve for you to create keys and open "chest", where you can get several nada. Detail, most of these bosses are not easy to kill, and drop very few souls, which will not give you anything useful to evolve after all. Summary The game is cool but knowing all this you will know that it is almost impossible for you to be self sustaining being ironmen, unfortunately I can not afford to donate, I live in Brazil, the tax is too high here. I wish all new players good luck and, despite everything, have patience, they will need it. Ass: Dragiron. 08/14/2017.

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