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  1. Penn

    Hype! Those fixes sure some have been waiting 😄
  2. Penn

    Everyone should answer on this feedback poll
  3. Penn

    Ive been wondering why achievement store havent been revamped already after so long time tho? It would inspire players to do achievements more +1 from me aswell
  4. Penn

    due lagg it posted twice lel ?
  5. Penn

    241 need more on this ?
  6. That would be awesome, since if you go look at icy skeletons theres max 1 guy and at shadows 1-3 max sometimes
  7. Penn

    Melee weapons with aoe would be awesome, since theres not many melee users and most use ranged or magic And as Grimson said accuracy would require slight update on melee weapons ? +1 for this suggestion ?
  8. Penn

    Finally there is guide for this, need put this thread number on paper ?
  9. Penn

    Sponsor rank reguest
  10. Penn

    Awesome event once again ?