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  1. Penn

    Upgrade chest definetly needs updating and more items to upgrade to next version aswell. Also scavenger upgrade thing would be nice if there came more items to upgrade
  2. Penn

    sadly i cant do that anymore my current boss kill count is quite high xd
  3. Looking awesome !! Already hyped for outcome 😄
  4. Penn

    Epic deals there are
  5. Penn

    Really good update on support, too bad Drax doesnt check tickets 😱 Thank you
  6. Penn

    There could also be option for: Combine and x amount you want That would help on coding it with scavenger xp aswell
  7. Penn

    Executive rank request on forums, picture down can confirm that its on: Penn Jr
  8. Hey! Here is my suggestion for boss soul's; i wonder if it would be possible to make option for souls to ' combine all ' I think many has been thinking of this idea earlier im sure of it but making *combine all* option on souls would make it easier to combine like example 100k souls into keys. Picture here shows at this moment; Combine which you need to spam with your mouse untill you have combined all souls into keys. All ideas here are welcome
  9. Penn

    Cant wait for my signature 😄 Looking from late works, i'm already hyped
  10. Afk damage to corp seems good even thought it might make ppl mad xD
  11. Penn

    Awesome work on there, id like to get one for myself aswell 😄 You have free hands on that signature
  12. Penn

    Hype! Those fixes sure some have been waiting 😄