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  1. Penn Jr

    Really awesome event has been made, hopefully everyone will do their suggestion via Vaider's suggestion guide: which shows on Adams text. I wish everyone good luck towards suggestion event!
  2. Loooking awesome Battle pet system seems really intresting
  3. Penn Jr

    Congratulations guys, well deserved!
  4. Penn Jr

    Id say to use this when making suggestion on forum, correct format etc will help you explain whole thing But idea is nice
  5. Penn Jr

    Nice detailed guide, thanks Bodhi ! This will help many player to do hydra in future.
  6. Penn Jr

    Awesome Vaider! Darth Vaider has risen up! 😄 He really is optimistic guy as Alyssa said and will improve himself more than before. Also Vaider is really funny guy in-game and in discord aswell + helps ppl in discord/in-game/forums which is really awesome. Congratulations Vaider
  7. Penn Jr

    Perks seems alright for me aswell and wouldnt be bad idea to add it on grinder. But about price ranging most likely 100m'ish might be about right for it (might be lower) but due dr of getting pet seems good. Also what Bodhi stated before its understandable that 'freely obtainable pets' can't really have same kind of perks as: Shadow, Yoda etc ^^ Hydra pet itself seems to be best in-game obtainable pet currently which makes it grindable and worth of all that grind Regarding stats on suggestion i'd have to say: no vouch from me aswell, as for adding it on grinder it's vouch from me.
  8. Penn Jr

    I like this idea aswell, personally i would just grind that set for cosmetic use since it looks epic Vouch from me aswell
  9. looking juicy and thanks for team on getting it done+fixed ! 💖
  10. Awesome plat crate Can't wait what future will have
  11. Penn Jr

    Im sure Jladams that theres been previous ones where CJ replied on that theres already too or something like that or many similiar sets if i remember correctly Otherwise would vouch aswell
  12. Penn Jr

    As title says been thinking of this for long time but, at some point you have to make some decisions about whether you have a good time playing or not. It's been really long journey till this day from 2016 and there's been good and bad times which is normal. Planning to log in atleast once per week or once per month can't say at this point much more than that or can't atleast promise so. I'm having issues with irl time due work, also other games requires time and that lowers time to invest being online at Ds example since there's more than that to do on your free time after work. Big thanks to: CJ Chuck Jason Australia Limes and others who are part of staff team! Will be missing all fellow Plat members and friends of course but i do need some time off from game till i get that lil ds spark again 😁 - Penn Jr
  13. Penn Jr

    Gz to all winners well deserved!
  14. Penn Jr

    For that issue they could make 'quantity' or drop them as *x amount* option which is great aswell also would help on future on events like Nala's Or one example could be that make events at drop party place where you can put items there and randomly drops items all around floor, which could be used at ::spawnzone aswell with some coding, But thanks Gya and Heave. 😃 Big thanks

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