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  1. Penn Jr

    Gz to all winners well deserved!
  2. Penn Jr

    For that issue they could make 'quantity' or drop them as *x amount* option which is great aswell also would help on future on events like Nala's Or one example could be that make events at drop party place where you can put items there and randomly drops items all around floor, which could be used at ::spawnzone aswell with some coding, But thanks Gya and Heave. 😃 Big thanks
  3. Penn Jr

    For revamps What's the current issue? Current issue is non-stackable boxes example dynamics What's your suggested way of fixing it? Make it as event boxes are: stackable How will this benefit player/server? It will make it easier to use all boxes without banking all time also its easier to list multiple box to market example How could this be expanded in future? Could be used as packages? Would profit server also players aswell. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Only negative thing could think is: Someone hoarding all boxes and during mayhems etc could make bank but not neccesarily. For new content What is the content called Stackable boxes How does it work? Allowing boxes being stackable as currently they are non-stackables What rewards does it give? It does give slight freedom for box lovers when opening boxes. How will it benefit server/players? Everyone would like it, since now when want to open loads of boxes, have to be either close to bank or having ::bank command typed on chat to open when inventory full or out of boxes. How could it be expanded in the future? What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Same as before listed: Only negative thing could think is someone hoarding them or buying all cheap ones and try merch them for higher. But other than that i dont see any reasons on why not. Could use current event boxes from pinatas / xeboses as clue. Message me if you have more ideas consirdering this idea, all kind of ideas are welcome. -Penn Jr
  4. Penn Jr

    Welcome back to dsgang hopefully you will enjoy it, theres loads of new stuff etc 😄
  5. Penn Jr

    Why i found this guide just by seeing Dibber name xD Well needa use this to start learn again those mechanics, thumps up for awesome and nicely detailed guide!
  6. Awesome crate Thanks 💖
  7. Omg can't wait to get home and explore that raid also future update seems really dope!! Big thanks for Staff team awesome job
  8. Penn Jr

    Congrats guys!
  9. Penn Jr

    Good luck guys!
  10. That world boss suggestion is really good, specially if it made like santa were that everyone getting static reward + those who dealt most damage something aswell as extra which brings more players to world bosses / mega ones For potions might be either too op and most likely wont be changed much +1 on this since now world bosses etc are really boring
  11. Penn Jr

    There were before suggestion about dream sets being tribrid etc and it was declined by CJ But i do like about that suggestion CJ stated this on previous suggestion which were about dream sets as tribrid '' Suggestion declined, There are plenty of Tri-brid armor sets in game creating this armor set will make all tribrid / drop rate gears useless. '' But never know untill try 😄
  12. So awesome, really love that new market pos update which will be good in future aswell
  13. Penn Jr

    Wondering how many infinity keys and xeboses getting within 1 million peng kills This is quite awesome goal to have
  14. Penn Jr

    Awesome fixes there! Hopefully will find more to get em fixed aswell in future 😄

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