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  1. Penn Jr

    There were before suggestion about dream sets being tribrid etc and it was declined by CJ But i do like about that suggestion CJ stated this on previous suggestion which were about dream sets as tribrid '' Suggestion declined, There are plenty of Tri-brid armor sets in game creating this armor set will make all tribrid / drop rate gears useless. '' But never know untill try 😄
  2. So awesome, really love that new market pos update which will be good in future aswell
  3. Penn Jr

    Wondering how many infinity keys and xeboses getting within 1 million peng kills This is quite awesome goal to have
  4. Penn Jr

    Awesome fixes there! Hopefully will find more to get em fixed aswell in future 😄
  5. Penn Jr

    Username: Penn JrRank In-game: Platinum Rip cant enter bigger picture
  6. Really awesome idea, like *fusing* item appreance on some other item which is really nice. 100% like this idea since theres so many player that do love cosmetic items specially dicers etc. But it would be fun to pvm example with cosmetic setup 😄
  7. Cant wait Those are things we have been waiting for while! :HYPE:
  8. Best Santa Cj!


  9. For revamps What's the current issue? Current ::train zone lacks enought monsters to everyone that grinds there. What's your suggested way of fixing it? I would personally suggest similiar to what happened on ::mbox by adding instance example and portal to go up-level How will this benefit player/server? Would benefit more new players that are new to server and want pvm their way up to mid-tier gears or so. How could this be expanded in future? Could be expanded in future like adding *new starter boss* Instance is also one like at ::mbox is What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Eco wise it would bring more crystal keys but also more in-game money circulation and later on if crystal keys change/upgrade more would be awesome for everyone having chance to make money. For new content What is the content called Upgrading ::train zone/adding floors on it due popularity. How does it work? Would work similiar to ::mbox area but different rewards. And would bring more new players for ::train and ::mbox in future What rewards does it give? Would reward players crystal keys + more new players could farm them without someone stealing their monsters/taking their spot away. How will it benefit server/players? Would benefit players/couraging them to pvm their way up Also it would add more crystal keys example on server for use How could it be expanded in the future? What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) -No id say- Note: I'm everyday looking new people at ::train & ::mbox which is why i have noticed this from couple week of watching.
  10. Penn Jr

    Owner(s) Chuck (Owner) Chuck best person ive met when joined on server as rookie, he helped me with some serious questions and encouraged me to continue on my jorney which im still really thankful of he's words CjBear (Co-Owner) Santa Bear funny as person even still he's now co-owner but doesnt matter that i had fun with him when he were helper and before that Still same fun guy and nice as person, keep it up CJ! Manager(s) Feeds (Server Manager) Feeds i really like him staff member and as friend, he have done great job and always helping/answers on questions whatever it is within he's knowledge range. Lt Limes (Head Support) Lt Limes is awesome staff member aswell with unique discord giveaways that has been running and some epic things on-game aswell. He's been doing really great job and even better than before Administrator(s) Jason (Administrator) Jason person who doesnt say no on questions or things that you want to example report to him. Also cheerful guy even thought havent seen him much online lately but he will do everything he can to help #DS Players Australia (Administrator) Aussy been really good as staff + admin and known him before he made to that far which is really great to watch. He's always replying on questions wether its in discord or in-game which is positive thing, also he's cheerful guy. Bodhi (Forum Administrator, Server Support) Bodhi been been awesome all these years no matter if he's been helper/mod or not always helping people in need also really fun guy. Keep it up Bodhi Moderator(s) Regis (In-Game Moderator) Don't really know myself about Regis much but on-game ive gotten really good feeling about him, but as others has said need have him more in-game aswell No other complaints can say good job he's doing with wiki aswell. Server Support(s) Jota (Server Support) Jota been really helpful in-game and earned he's rank as helper with loads of helping/guiding players in-game which is awesome to see And seen you everyday online but one problem might be on online-timings during peaks or something but cant blame him. Afade (Server Support) Afade been long here and doing good job aswell, due personal reason's he havent been online much but when he do, helping everyone to the max. Love and respecting everyone from staff team, always doing everything towards players also Dreamscape players giving awesome feedback towards you!
  11. I love these kind of polls that let's players decide what they want or want to support on future cases. But some bosses example that has low tier hp, mid tier hp, high tier hp for challenges
  12. Those deals will be gone quickly 😄 Awesome tho
  13. Penn Jr

    Upgrade chest definetly needs updating and more items to upgrade to next version aswell. Also scavenger upgrade thing would be nice if there came more items to upgrade
  14. Penn Jr

    sadly i cant do that anymore my current boss kill count is quite high xd

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