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  1. Best of Nessan

    Thanks! I will do that!
  2. Hey guys. Its me Nessan. i would like to know how to improve myself , ive been trusted dicer now for 2 weeks so i like to know how you guys think im doing and what i can do better. i would like to see : things i can do better : thing i do good and to keep : would like to see some reply's so i can improve myself !
  3. Best of Nessan

    Nice man, sounds good
  4. Best of Nessan

    Good job, all vouch easy update
  5. Best of Nessan

    Have the same problem with corp egg VAUCH or that you can sell to the npc at upgrade to get other stuff
  6. Best of Nessan

    Vauch for collect all
  7. Best of Nessan

    hey dreamers. i have a suggestion for you guys. lately oc zone is a bit death. and i had seen that excutive zone is upgraded in the last update. so i hope to see some new bosses that is possible to 1-hit in the oc zone. i hope you guys will check this out! LOVE Nessan
  8. Best of Nessan

    I think you made an fault?
  9. Best of Nessan

    thanks all for the lovely welcomes :D
  10. Best of Nessan

    Thanks , you'll see me much more lately !
  11. Best of Nessan

    Hey Guys! i started a couple hours ago with joining the forums , i just wanna introduce me for people who dont know me yet! Now Hey my name is Nessan, Some people Will also know me as netherlands the iron man! Im 21 years old , living in Holland. My favorite things to do are: playing football (soccer), watching football And support my local VITESSE ❤️, spending time with my lovely girlfriend , chilling with friends And offcourse gaming!! i also got a PlayStation 4 for people who Like it too :D (you wont beat me in FIFA 17). also another thing i Like is to beeing social And meet new people so if you would Like to know me better , you Can always chat with me ingame or on discord! got Some questions ? Free to ask !! love, NESSAN
  12. Best of Nessan

    I Like to see Vince back Aka aliengod