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  1. I agree with what you're saying, however I believe if the batman set for example was added to the shop, it could have a high cost of arcade tokens so that players have something to grind for while doing the Arcade (I'm talking hundreds of thousands of tokens for these BIS armor pieces).
  2. What's the current issue? The Arcade Shop is quite outdated and has had the same items in it for a year+What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add new items to the shop and remove the items that aren't even used in the game today. Consider adding possible loots from Avengers Arcade and DC Arcade such as each of the infinity gauntlet stones and the new armor pieces such as the batman set, superman set, and flash set (since these are pricey items in game, they can be priced at a high amount of arcade tokens).How will this benefit player/server? This will benefit players greatly b
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  6. Commenting so that I can enter for that Mandalorian Leather Set
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  8. Welcome to the forums brother!
  9. Inferno Emperor's Set has to be the sickest set ingame
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