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  1. IGN: Floppytoppy Discord: Floppytoppy#1163
  2. I'll be there! IGN: Floppytoppy Discord: Floppytoppy#1163
  3. I should be able to make it to this event! IGN: Floppytoppy Discord: Floppytoppy#1163
  4. Floppytoppy

    Very excited to see what's coming in Competitive Season Four!!
  5. Floppytoppy

    Congrats to everyone and myself for winning one of the competitive sections!!
  6. Floppytoppy

    Might have to give this a try right now!
  7. Floppytoppy

    VOUCH I also agree that melee deserves some love and should be balanced out in a way so that people consider using melee over range/mage!
  8. Floppytoppy

  9. Floppytoppy

    Vouch I agree that it would be very convenient if there was a larger list of items that could be traded into the scavenger shop for scavenger points!
  10. Floppytoppy

    Vouch I absolutely agree that melee needs some type of love in game right now as range and mage practically tower over it.
  11. Only 5 numbers remaining; THE HYPE IS REAL!!
  12. I will try my best to make it! IGN: Floppytoppy Discord: Floppytoppy#1163
  13. Floppytoppy

    What's the current issue?: DSGO keys are only obtainable from the donator store, and cannot be traded in game. What's your suggested way of fixing it?: I believe that a tradable form of DSGO keys should be added to the game so that players can sell/transfer their keys with other players in game instead of only being able to purchase them from the donator store.How will this benefit player/server?: This will benefit players because it will allow people to purchase DSGO keys with in game money instead of having to purchase them from the donator store. On the other hand, this will benefit the server because people will want to buy lots of DSGO keys off of the donator store so that they can sell them to other players in game and make lots of money!What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered): The only negative effect that I believe this could have is that some players may be able to obtain a large amount of keys from others by using their in game money to buy them, but then again, they would need to have good luck to get rare items from their DSGO box openings.
  14. Floppytoppy

    I currently wrestle for my High School and I also play basketball (I'm 17 years old haha).