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  1. Xiare

    Yeah but is 250 for recolour ticket and its 250 to recolor it think about that
  2. Xiare

    So I have a suggestion right you know how we have recolour tickets right? What if you guys make it where the ownercape's can be recolored right I believe that the sale will go up on them to get more donations I would like everyone's feed back on this! Thank you for your time!
  3. Xiare

    Im in on this
  4. Xiare

    Hello DreamScape its your Homie Xiare, Due to some issue's I am having I will No longer be around. I have had a great time at Dreamscape I have done a lot while I have been here, Goals I have achieved Trusted Host, Legacy Host, News Team, Wiki Editor, And finally I have became a Veteran, I have learned a few things over the months I have been playing but I guess you can never do you're best for anything or anyone. I feel like I just want some time off my computer and stay away from Dreamscape lemme get everything put back together so from this day 4-1-18 I will No longer be playing. With Great Thoughts and regards I Quit for a while maybe when things are different. But To all the great friends I have made over the months I have been here, @Amonn @Feeds @Masks @Emperor Nick @DRAX @Stuart @Guru @Mrdoctor. @Bman @Yvez @Orbital/Unobtainable @Shelter
  5. Xiare

    Keep your head up and you will make them goals k3
  6. Xiare

    Welcome to formus
  7. Xiare

    Gz keppa
  8. Xiare

    I support this post Vouch
  9. I support this I believe it would be a good idea to have to do this we need more slayer stuff!
  10. Xiare

    Keep up the good work homie
  11. Xiare

    Good luck guys!