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  1. Elements340

    I'd like to see you go more into depth on what should be revamped. You're just scratching the surface, due to lack of detail; it's gunna be a no vouch for me buddy ❤️
  2. Elements340

    Vouch for these in Ext zone. Dream trees would be a lot better than the magics that are currently there.
  3. Can someone explain to me how the luck system works? Is it luck on a drop? Or what does the luck pertain to?
  4. Elements340

    Great ideas! Vouch
  5. Elements340

    I recorded this with Camtasia 8, still got max of 480p rendering quality.
  6. Elements340

    Certainly a great idea! I've never seen another server do this before
  7. Elements340

    I'd do it. Just shoot me a pm on discord and we can work out a time and day!
  8. Elements340

    Sorry for the poor video quality. I am currently looking for better software so I can upload in 1080p. Until then, enjoy this!
  9. Elements340

    Sorry if this video doesn't help, I got out of the groove of making videos but I will be uploading on a weekly basis now! Leave me a reply on what I should improve on or things I do that you personally don't like!
  10. Elements340

    I expected people to not enjoy the video due to my mic issues when the video actually started. Thank you guys so much for your kind words