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  1. I was trying to look for Drop Rate and DDR boosters on the wiki to see the best ways to increase my dr and DDR but wasn't able to find any 😕 I know with pages like that it proves significantly difficult to find all the booster items, but you've done it with luck boosters before. Loving all the pages on the wiki though, I used to be an editor and that is no small task. Well done
  2. Username: ZercRank In-game: ExtremeProof (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/b558ab6470a15bc50526d07d5e80ba19
  3. I’d love to participate in this and wish the best of luck to everyone else! Happy to see a change of pace for events.
  4. I'm happy to see these types of things. I'll throw my hat in the ring #189
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