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  1. Psigreen

    Aww man, was looking forward to seeing you online again real soon, but I'll hopefully see you soon again my dude. Keep in touch 😄
  2. How about having an option to toggle between the two? I personally like the soulroom loot going into my inventory so I can see what I get, but I do like the idea behind the loot going directly into the bank. Or perhaps if a toggle option isn't able to be implemented, how about making use of the "Game" chat and having something like "You got "loot" from a tormented demons key" or something of the sort. Of course, the "tormented demons" thing would be interchangeable depending on which boss key you use.
  3. WHat in the world, never seen this before tbh Definitely +Support this Dude, that sounds legit sick ? 10/10 would buy and camp all day Plus fashionscape? Dude that's bomb tbh
  4. Psigreen

    Yup, support from me, pretty tired of getting furies and elysians Maybe different rewards would be nice, but nothing game changing since it's actually pretty easy to get 99
  5. Psigreen

    Awesome event! Looking forward to the slayer tasks being completed! ?
  6. Awesome update! I'm looking forward to camping a few of these new bosses + items ??
  7. Psigreen

    "Cheaters" Pfft, it just so happened we were there... at the same time... in the same place...
  8. Psigreen

    Congratulations everyone, and thanks so much for the votes ? Very well deserved indeed, best of luck in the next event!!!
  9. Psigreen

    Share, I tbed
  10. Psigreen

    Yoyo, welcome to DS, enjoy your stay Glad to see you become a part of our community! ?
  11. Psigreen

    Ooh, I like the clue scroll highscores one - maybe one for easy, one for hard, elite, dream, and possibly one for global (combined completions) Good idea, I like it, but not too sure on what the interface would have Possible making use of the notice board north of ::home and adding tabs to that that display current challenges and highscores
  12. Psigreen

    :feelsrageman: Split wya tho
  13. Psigreen

    ? Leakeddddd xD 10/10 newsletter, enjoyed it very much ? Keep up the great work! Also, share some loot pls ;-;
  14. Psigreen

    How's it going man? Seen you around a few times, nice to see you getting involved on the forums too ?

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