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  1. Greenrune113

    Ooh, I like this idea, it's a +Support from me Amulet of blood would be even better 😄
  2. Greenrune113

    Hey! Welcome to DreamScape! Feel free to contact me in-game anytime! Looking forward to seeing you in-game! 😄 IGN: PsiGreen
  3. Greenrune113

    Outbreak? Is that you? But great video! 😄
  4. Awesome update! New pets, bosses, items Unbelievable - great work! 😄
  5. Greenrune113

    Sweet! Congrats pkant on the laptop! 😮 Congrats Monobeast on your set! 😄 Thanks Chuck for supporting the event!
  6. Greenrune113

    Outbreak back at it again with the luck Congrats to all 😄
  7. Greenrune113

    Achievement Class Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite Achievement Title Easy - Chest Opener Medium - Chest Addiction Hard - Key Master Elite - Lord of the Keys Achievement details Easy - Use 10 keys at ::soulroom Medium - Use 100 keys at ::soulroom Hard - Use 500 keys at ::soulroom Elite - Use 1000 keys at ::soulroom
  8. Greenrune113

    Hehe "newcomer" Best Newcomer @Greenrune113 (PSIGreen) and @CylorV Congrats to all those who got mentioned! For those of you that haven't made it - keep trying I'm very sure I'll see you in next month's results! 😄
  9. Greenrune113

    +Vouch 99% of the time can be found in dicezone. Legend has it, Outbreak is still there to this day... But in all honesty, Outbreak gave me a few starter tips on gambling (both dd and fp) Shows dedication, lots of potential, hence my vouch
  10. Greenrune113

    Achievement Class Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite Achievement Title Easy - Treasure Trails Medium - Clue Enthusiast Hard - Dream Scribe Elite - Keep On Dreamin' Achievement details Easy - Complete 5 Dream Clue Scrolls Medium - Complete 25 Dream Clue Scrolls Hard - Complete 50 Dream Clue Scrolls Elite - Complete 100 Dream Clue Scrolls
  11. What a great update! Updated achievements, desktop PMs, new bosses & monsters - great job! Looking forward to seeing these new items in-game as well! :D
  12. Greenrune113

    +Vouch I like the idea on a rework for caskets instead of giving low cash rewards Cosmetic items sound nice as well, maybe fashionscape items?
  13. Greenrune113

    1/10 + 6/10 - 4/10 + 7/10 - 1/10 + 3/10 + 63/10 - 37/10 + 26/10 - 41/10 - 13/10 Nice, don't see the username a lot, it's unique but it's not ya know
  14. Greenrune113

    Woah - that's like 70x my bank xD Congratulations to all!
  15. Greenrune113

    How's it going? Welcome to the community! :D