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  1. Chaos Within

    Hello, Met this woman that I started talking and getting to know better. Turns out we have a bunch in common, we both like to collect antiques, rare collectibles, eating fine food, having a few drink, and the excitement of traveling around the world having a great time. I decided to write her this short and sweet poem to describe the way I feel. Enjoy. The Way I Feel Hoping for peace to be one with the wind, broken wings as I fall into a descend. Back again to share more words, to be your whisper, the snuggle to your curves. The strength of the will, consent of each other, oath of power in zeal. Understand the force, positive and negative, each in appeal. Commune with self, time will hold still. This is the way I feel. ©26 March 2018 - 4:41am — @Chaos Within Thanks again for reading my poem thread. If you have any ideas feel free to comment and also leave feedback on my work I have posted. - Chaos
  2. Chaos Within

    Hello, Been a rough time here and would like to share this poem I just wrote to express my mind in it's current thought. I hope it touches hearts out there that also are going through hardships. Enjoy. Mind On Run The mind of one, to know what to be done. Focus of thoughts, wanting to run. Sight of truth, visions moving along. Not one right thing or yet wrong, scrolling about with this fatal song. Life of confusing thoughts inside my mind, the thoughts of running away and suicide. Wanting to hide, sip down cyanide, my thoughts are coming, but nowhere to hide. No matter how many tears I've cried, or how people that have relied, not knowing how to communicate so our thoughts collide. Losing notion of whats to be done, where I break down and see the pride. Hope to know where I went wrong and know why people lied. I'm just here in my feelings, finding out what that even means, trapped in my mind sowing the seams, fallen dreams. Portal of hell where my corpse leans. ©15 March 2018 - 12:37pm — @Chaos Within Thanks again for reading my poem thread. If you have any ideas feel free to comment and also leave feedback on my work I have posted. - Chaos
  3. Baked as heck, just got got done hanging out with some mates.

    Went over to their house for a bit for a session with moon rocks. ;P

    Hope everyone's day is fine. :)

  4. Chaos Within

    Hello, Here is another poem that was requested by my friend, she wanted a poem about the Monster Energy Drink. Here is what I came up with, quite a nice twist I would say. Enjoy. My Friend[Monster Energy Drink] - Beast in The Monster Give me the energy to control this epiphany, fuel of chaos running through the veins of me. Drink another monster and let the beast flow free, testament of forces bringing foes to their knees. Crack open my third can only to make time freeze, moving faster than light around the 7 seas. Knowing this new force, the power of threes. ו‬ו‬ו‬ 10 March 2018 - 10:15pm — @Chaos Within Credit to my friend for the theme. Thanks again for reading my poem thread. If you have any ideas feel free to comment and also leave feedback on my work I have posted. - Chaos
  5. Chaos Within

    @Bodhi @Potentials Thank you for the idea for the theme, if you have anymore ideas feel free to post here to let me know. Trying to let the community get involved and have some fun doing what I love to do. @Chuck I would like to request a sub-forum in other media for poetry. - Chaos
  6. Chaos Within

    Hello, Time for another poem guys, this time I went to the community for a theme for a poem and was granted with the idea of two chips in love. Quite a tough one indeed this was I have to admit but I managed it. Enjoy. Bodhi[Love of Chips] - Chips of Flame Straight from the pringle can, to the dip by a strangers hand. Rubbing our edges together until we make our land, swim and get messy in this new mission that has been planned. Your every curve at my command, my seasonings are far from bland. Take a grip, as this hand makes it's attempt to take a nip. Your fragile body, that not of a corn chip. Here we are, our final trip.. Please be my Mrs. pringle, I'll be your Mr. Pringle chip. 10 March 2018 - 9:38am — @Chaos Within Credit to @Bodhi for the theme. Thanks again for reading my poem thread. If you have any ideas feel free to comment and also leave feedback on my work I have posted. - Chaos
  7. Chaos Within

    Hello, Would love to share this poem I just wrote in the spirit of valentines day. Not everyone's view is quite innocent and this is my take on that thought.. Enjoy. Duet in the Shadows Singing in the medows, creeping black widows. Darkness builds, shivers and chills and the blood spills. The mind, morbidly crafted and sat on window ceils. Haunting the mind, loneliness kills, leave you lifeless torn by fake thrills. It smells, torment and hatred from the forbidden realms. Choose your battles, harness up weapons as the chime rattles. Come along, my Duet in the Shadows. ©14 February 2018 - 9:44pm — brianc Thanks again for reading my poem thread. Maybe in the future maybe we could see some more poems in possibly a contest with a theme. - Chaos
  8. Chaos Within

    Here goes another poems I just wrote today, been stressed a lot lately. I know there is something that I have to do, a message or something that I will create. But I must leave a legacy. I hope that you all will enjoy my latest poem. Devilish Dominion Dominion of greed, perseverance, solitude. or what ever that is in need. Yet attitude and focus on actions bring ones wishes to the creed. Might one accuse in smite of ones hopes, to cut off their placement with lengths of ropes. To know ones reason to ones reason to stay alive, to not to grab attention, disappear grabbing a knife. Fading into temptation of ones mind, thinking on how to rid of this devilish dominion that I have been signed.. ©10 February 2018 - 2:41pm — brianc Thank you for taking your time to view my work. - Chaos
  9. Hello, I'm a DJ, Music Artist, Developer and Designer, and a poet. I have a passion for writing poems and sharing my ideas and thoughts that run rapid in my mind. Winter's Kiss Bit of a mist, churning in creation, destruction or bliss. Chaotic winds as the storm descends, make amends for the reasons before the prophecy begins. Freezing from the north, washed from the south, churning vortex destroying who misuse their mouth. Omen of cleansing, search in the world and find what we are missing. Protect our loved ones, work together keep wishing. Hope to survive the ice storm, sky glistening, sight blurred but yet sifting. See what you must to complete the mission, build your foundation to the future and hope they listen. Winter's Kiss, the voice the world's been missing. ©6 February 2018 - 1:14pm — brianc Thank you everyone for taking the time to view my thread, more will be posted soon. Just wrote this just now. Winter's Kiss, Hope you all enjoy. - Chaos
  10. Chaos Within

    Yes, sometimes I get mixed up in my thoughts. I write it in one shot then proof read every poem. I know I have to work on my wording a bit. I surely will be adding more poems, my schedule has been a bit busy lately. But having a bit of peace coming about so will have to put forward some work here. Thanks both for interest in my work.
  11. The thoughts of what we speak, in search of the places we want to seek. Might you find peace, making coins within secure meets. Take to the realm where the sky is no longer blue, storm of electric, a place of impending doom. Hide under your blanket in your closed locked room, might glory rest upon the fallen soon. Hope to rise the standards of what pride we drape, a welcome to all in peace, meet in peace in this world escape. Join and meet me in, The World of DreamScape. - Chaos Within
  12. Chaos Within

    I would like to personal thank the staff for welcoming me to this server and allowing me to have fun and be myself. I feel very happy to be a member of this server. Thanks. Here is my entry in dedication of my love for this server.
  13. Hello, I'm a DJ and make beats/tracks. Having played DreamScape for a bit over half a year now and have noticed that there isn't theme music when you load up. I have a wonderful idea to bring in some artists and make a competition to bring out a nice intro music when you load up. Let me know what you guys think about this idea. Would be great to see some creativity become a part of this amazing server every time you load up DreamScape. Was actually forwarded this by epic friend. :P Would be even nice to hear this added.
  14. Chaos Within

    Thank you for your service! @Hcrdz
  15. Chaos Within

    Great Work, Might look for service in future.