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  1. Baked as heck, just got got done hanging out with some mates.

    Went over to their house for a bit for a session with moon rocks. ;P

    Hope everyone's day is fine. :)

  2. Chaos Within

    I would like to personal thank the staff for welcoming me to this server and allowing me to have fun and be myself. I feel very happy to be a member of this server. Thanks. Here is my entry in dedication of my love for this server.
  3. Hello, I'm a DJ and make beats/tracks. Having played DreamScape for a bit over half a year now and have noticed that there isn't theme music when you load up. I have a wonderful idea to bring in some artists and make a competition to bring out a nice intro music when you load up. Let me know what you guys think about this idea. Would be great to see some creativity become a part of this amazing server every time you load up DreamScape. Was actually forwarded this by epic friend. :P Would be even nice to hear this added.
  4. Chaos Within

    Thank you for your service! @Hcrdz
  5. Chaos Within

    Great Work, Might look for service in future.

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