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  1. Masks

    why do you hate me?
  2. fellow aussie, if you want a ausse kiss just pm me ill help you out. but welcome!
  3. Masks

    sad to see ya go bro, had some good times with ya, hope to see you come back atleast for visits <3 wish you the best in your future endeavours! (if i spelt it right dont really care)
  4. Masks

    Iron masks! a yolo entry, i know i wont win. just showing off my amazing bunny ears
  5. Masks

    not sure if this counts as getting something in 2018, i know it aint a drop @714
  6. Masks

    @Blackk has been banned for stealing too much KFC
  7. Masks

    sad to see, but health and life is always at the top, wishing you all the best in life and keep in touch
  8. Masks

    I think its time to move on with life and sadly, leave the DSGANG team and resign from my MOD position, ill still be around ds on my ironman from time to time, as ive decided to take a new full time job, and just want to explore more and have getaways and fish more without any restrictions, and spend more time with friends and family. thanks to everyone for making dreamscape like a family, absoloutely the best community ive ever seen thanks to chuck and the staffteam for giving me a chance to be apart of the dreamscape team, @Feeds for taking all my crap and having some sense of humor and joking around @Iron Barrage for being supportive and always being around and always helping @Hc Drax thanks heaps for being so helpful, one of the nicest people ive met and the biggest nerd around keep it up! @Guru always up for jokes and fun, sadly havnt seen much of you lately @Emperor Nick most out there person, nice, caring and just a allround good guy, love ya @Amonn nice guy and good to chat and very active, keep it up @Papers havnt seen you much lately, but a genuine good guy @Epok havnt really talked much, but a nice guy @714 japanese ricepicker boi, the true asian always up for a chat and hittin me up ingame and discord to get me on discord and chat! (still cant get over you leaving for a month cause i killed your magegray) ill be on discord when i can and ingame on my ironman, alot less then i have recently tho best of luck to everyone and thanks for everything!! Love you all!
  9. Masks

    I guess this is a acheivement too, 120 in all skills and 150 in rc and #1 ironman
  10. nice and unique event! looking forward to all the feedback and gl to the winners!
  11. Masks

    i like giraffes
  12. Masks

    sounds good!! if i get another sf drop today ill chip in one
  13. Masks

    welcome mate, hope you enjoy your stay, if you have any questions feel free to pm any staff
  14. Masks

    goodluck everyone!!!