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    Current issue: too many space virtus sets in the game Suggested way of fixing it: making an upgraded version of the space set that does more damage but still doesn`t give dr or ddr How will this benefit the player/server: It sinks some of the space virtus sets out of the game and will give players an opportunity to get an even better set at the cost of risking a regular set How could this be expanded in future: as a dream upgrade players could try to upgrade the upgraded space virtus set into the obsidian set with a certain level of scavenger What negative effect could this have: If it is not made rare enough it will not sink enough sets out of the game and won`t fix the current problem, if made rare enough though it could be an interesting way for players to test their luck.
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    #EVENT ign: hc mrmille
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    aight ty for doing this bud
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    https://gyazo.com/f50efded0beebec0dece35cc254aa988 this alright man?

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