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  1. Shwa

    Love that cringe.
  2. Shwa

    Well third times the charm, hope to see you all in-game. Shwa
  3. Shwa

    I think it's time for me to say my farewell for a little while at least. Been playing this server off and on for 2-3years now, I've enjoyed all the memories and the friends that I've met even met one of them. Thank you DSGang, Shwa
  4. Great guide made me start doing arcade :).
  5. Shwa

    Looks nice Hope to see more soon.
  6. Shwa

    I love it very nice 💰
  7. Shwa

    Welcome back
  8. Shwa

    I support this +1
  9. Shwa

    Username: Shwa Rank: Sponsor proof (screenshot)
  10. Shwa

    so....... what do we do here
  11. Shwa

    I think swearing should be allowed to a certain extent. I mean especially in dicezone at times you're gonna want to swear, If i loose multiple DD's or FP I'm gonna wanna shout for fuck sakes. But I mean everyone is going to have a different perspective about cursing. As long as you aren't attacking anyone with swear words I think it should be allowed. But there should be a line, swearing with friends or in a laughing matter. Then crossing the line when you're verbally cursing someone out shouldn't be allowed for obvious reason of bullying.
  12. Shwa

    +1 Give me a good reason to grind certain bosses.
  13. Shwa

    Great suggestion +1
  14. Shwa

    Great guide helped me tons.