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  1. Nya

    Username: GoldboyRank In-game: SponsorProof (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/d2075695f6d6302a1153fe84d4f783bc
  2. Nya

    hey, sorry to hear that, i wish you the best of luck and see you now and then ?
  3. one question about mydeals, if u donate like $200 in 24h, can u claim it 2 times?
  4. wow so much new content, great to see and also the info here is great
  5. Nya

    great guide!! gonna start tob soon and gratz on staff ? greetz
  6. Nya

    hey all Im goldboy, im back playing after some months. Im a 27year old guy from belgium nice to meet you all and enjoy your stay on this server greetz