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  2. In-game Username: 177013 Forum Username: 177013 Discord Username: 177013#2017 How old are you? 24 What is your current time zone? Eastern European Standard time gmt +2 Position you are applying for? editor Have you ever been blocked from the wiki, or received any other infraction relating to DreamScape? I was once jailed for 24 hours Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki or other website (Forums, for example)? If so, provide what you did. nope Do you have any photo editing experience? nope Write a brief introduction about yourself, both in-game and in real life. I am currently studying into a engineer degree in Information and Communication Technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Finland while i am playing dreamscape whenever i am at home. When considering what your desired position entails, what is your Biggest weakness? i start something but then i start doing something entirely else like for example my engineer degree, i am supposed to graduate this year in December, but seems like that will be delayed since i have completed only 49 of required points from 240 in 3 and half years and seems like i will be graduating from looking things, in 2 years. I am also very shy. I also forget to check schedules multiple times and return to schedules late. And i don't usually do something unless somebody tells me to do x. and i usually drop things that i am not interested at all. Your biggest strength? But if i am interested in something, i work on it 100% like for example i am interested in questing in real runescape, so i setup a goal 2 years ago that i will obtain quest cape in all 4 different versions of runescape. i completed 3/4 from that: rs3, osrs and permanent dmm but while i was working on classic "quest cape" it was shutdown. so i completed my goal 3/4 and i have kept my quest cape in all 3 variants of RunesCape. What has been your best moment in Dreamscape? Why is it your favourite? There hasn't been any best moments yet in Dreamscape. Why my favorite moment is that i haven't had any favorite moments yet? Because there is something still incoming that i am glad to be able to say "i experienced x in Dreamscape" Also i have been playing on server like 2 weeks or 3 since i discovered this server again, so its bit difficult to have "best moment" yet. I mean my main has only 5 days logged in time.
  3. 177013

    i have seen people recommending to sell emblems at tier 3 , why do you recommend at tier 10?
  4. Either remove bounty hunter in wilderness because it gives so little points anyway and its impossible to find targets unless you are both in same location. Alternative solutions: Change bounty hunter code so it doesn't assign same target over and over again and then pkers who pk, get punished because they just did what bounty hunter is about: killing targets. that happened to be same target over and over again and make a button that would tell how many steps in north/east/west/south the target is OR: Change rule so you don't get tagged as ragging if you are killing the target, that happens to get assigned multiple times in a row because as i said in top one it is impossible to find target unless you both are near each other already and that only happens in revs and it gives so little points anyway.
  5. Here is simple suggestion: Having ability to disable your character saying DSGANG!!! whenever somebody gets something op when they donate.

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