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  1. wow that is sure one packed update! Good job #Devteam
  2. Video rsps

    wow that's quite a list already! one thing though - I love pictures so much more than letters xD Hope you will include images of your drops NICE JOB ALREADY! best regards,
  3. Video rsps

    Neat guide! very detailed and informative!
  4. That is very nice very detailed guide you made there! Thumbs up and thanks for that
  5. Video rsps

    Best of luck with everything my man! I was military as well and it can really take whatever energy you have left! Take care!!!
  6. Video rsps

    Hey buddy - this one should go under the YouTube section
  7. Video rsps

    Ign: Pictures TZ: CET
  8. Video rsps

    Sometimes decisions need to be made and I'm sure that it's the right one for you Good luck getting back stateside and new unit! Hopefully we will be seing you ones again as Gambling Manager
  9. Video rsps

    glad to have another Northman here
  10. Video rsps

    Grats to the winners! What nice outifts you put together
  11. Video rsps

    nice event and happy birthday #teamdrax
  12. updates are just rolling in - love how active our staff is!
  13. Great event! Thanks to ALL donations and good luck on the prizes :=)
  14. that is one epic update right there! Nice job guys!!
  15. Video rsps

    grats to all - Well deserved!!!