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  1. Video rsps

    It really is a great idea! Would be great to see it have some arcade specials only - like more token drops or dmg. NICE!
  2. Video rsps

    Nice going! Great new set of fixes
  3. that is one hype update - nice going!
  4. I love to scroll through the updates - so awesome to see !
  5. keep up the good work - bye bye bugs
  6. Video rsps

    Brilliant with the droptable! Get going
  7. Video rsps

    great update and nice to see visibility
  8. Video rsps


    see you there!
  9. This is one dope update! Good job
  10. incredible update, way to go!
  11. that is one epic update tbh! GJ
  12. Video rsps

    stay strong! we can get news team back 😄
  13. Video rsps

    That is much appreciated and needed Great idea!

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