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  1. This looks quite well, was wondering when an update was going to be released.
  2. I'm in. IGN- Sofa King HC Timezone- CST Discord- Sofas Iron#6291 I am Executive rank in game, just never got around to updating on forums.
  3. Wheel is lit. 10/10 Would recommend. Wish there was a way to speed up the animation a bit though.
  4. I was thinking about this the other day as well. With how fast the server seems to be growing lately and new OC coming what seems at least once a day the 2 zones we've got now have become quite crowded. There's 4 Chaos ele spawns in the zone for all of the OC/Prod cape owners. The amount of Magegray is just fine, now if we could have the rest of the bosses there with the amount in which the Magegrays have, I think that would be a move in the correct direction.
  5. Looking forward to this new content, the referral program will be a good way to drum up more activity from the Youtube community as well.
  6. Heya Folks, Names Josh. I stumbled upon this server a couple weeks back after getting burned out on RS, was just looking for something different. After trying a regular account and and IM account, I settled on a Hardcore account and here we are. I quickly decided this was the server I was going to be playing on for the foreseeable future and quickly donated in support of the server. So far everyone seems super great, there's a couple rotten apples but you'll get that with every tree you shake. Hopefully I'll get to know more of you on a one on one basis in the future, if you
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