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  1. Peg Legs

    Steroids wishes he was the BG king :')
  2. Peg Legs

    I like cheese on toast
  3. back for a bit, lots of updates to read through 😛
  4. Still no comp rewards? nice 😞 also why does hades offhand not look the same as mainhand? Gotta have some symmetry guys XD
  5. Peg Legs

    Hehe rip no comp rewards XD new dicezone looks promising though! Great update
  6. What's the current issue? There are some armour sets that could do to be added to the Armor piece swapper at ::upgrade (mainly dream mage etc) What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add more armour sets to the armour piece swapper How will this benefit player/server? It will prevent people from going insane like me right now grinding raids for a full set of dream gear What negative effect could this have? None, they’re untradable
  7. Peg Legs

    IGN: Peg Legs My Christmas Wishlist to Santa: Golden Minigun A second Golden Minigun for my brother A set of Link Armour because Ocarina of Time is the 2nd best game ever made (DreamScape is #1 ofcourse) An Owner's Cape just for the memes A BFG9000 so I can look cool like my dad (Didyscape)
  8. Ign Peg Legs Merry Christmas girls and boys, hope you all have a good time even if you don't celebrate Christmas, just remember it's not all about presents, enjoy your time with friends and family while you can!
  9. Peg Legs

    My story is how I went from this: to this: Sadly a true story :') (IGN: Dikless)

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