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  1. Peg Legs

    not anymore though as the latest update made royal boxes untradable sadly
  2. Peg Legs

    too long on and ofd, but like runescape, dreamscape is one of those games you cant quit, you always come back
  3. Pretty cool additions, hate to see stuff going untradable though
  4. Peg Legs

    easy money
  5. Peg Legs

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS we need this
  6. Peg Legs

    Steroids wishes he was the BG king :')
  7. Peg Legs

    I like cheese on toast
  8. back for a bit, lots of updates to read through 😛
  9. Still no comp rewards? nice 😞 also why does hades offhand not look the same as mainhand? Gotta have some symmetry guys XD
  10. Peg Legs

    Hehe rip no comp rewards XD new dicezone looks promising though! Great update

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