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  1. Dunderzutt

    Ofc pets are a part of the game, just make me not be able to to click them. My heli has 2x larger clickbox than its visual, trying to attack raid boss missclick pet, trying to attack npc missclick pet, trying to open bank missclick pet and some of the pets got left click pickup so you gotta drop it again. i've seriously died atleast 50 times in raids due to missclicking pet instead of attacking then dieing. something has to be done.
  2. Dunderzutt

    How much does one have to donate to not be able to click these damn pets anymore?!?!?!??!
  3. PVM 67364/1,000,000 Executive points 98176/1,000,000 Boss kc 1300/10000 Raid5 kc 40,000/10,000,000 arcade tiokens BANK 300Q/1000Q Other All achievements completed Will add more when i get more. This is just a base.
  4. Dunderzutt

    Arcade and souls doubled would be op imo, maybe a 10% increase.
  5. Dunderzutt

    Make every pet a right click pickup and make pet click boxes smaller, often i missclick my pet whilst attacking something and some of the pets have left click pickup so it gets picked up by mistake.
  6. Dunderzutt

    the m4a4 asiimov only gives 5% dr and 10% ddr, dont know if thats the case for the other asiimovs aswell.
  7. Dunderzutt

    purple santa ofc
  8. Dunderzutt

    Going straight for 100k magegrays first and when i finish that ill begin 100k necros.
  9. Dunderzutt

    I guess maybe around 8 hours play time.
  10. Dunderzutt

    Username: DunderzuttRank In-game: SponsorProof (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/d8cde4941ab48e09de1944c141259507
  11. Dunderzutt

    Missed picture of DOUBLE Infernal hat drop. Items worth about 11.5Q Souls 1.445Q This was from 10k kc to 20k kc