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  1. gz on rank

  2. Cures

    You're right when acting about some things to an admin i was informed it was disabled or not functional, one thing i didn't check first. https://prnt.sc/syabsu
  3. Cures

    Sponsor* Sponsor skilling zone under maintenance? Based off of what i gathered from everyone is a couple sponsor benefits are currently not functional, entrance to S skilling is missing and the specific glove/boot coloring is not currently functional. Both Wiki and In-game benefit information has no more information on it and most recently update and patches, i've spoken to a good number of sponsor+ and a 4 or more admins about it but no one really knows. I'm overall pleased withe the benefits, but i am a skiller at heart so the missing zone is sour(no ownercape) 🍑 Extreme* Nothing significant- Daily claim rewards dialogue from the ::edz npc says 10 boxes daily, one is given pre-opened, Wiki or In-game benefit details not specify 10 rewards i would assume it's a low priority fix. Based off of what i gathered from players and admin it is a gliched mechanic. **Extreme Edit** The daily claim at edz worked today out of 3 daily attempts i'm guessing quick fixed or Rng.?
  4. Cures

    Username: Og Cures Rank In-game: Sponsor Proof (screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/l3naGDq
  5. Cures

    Firstly, I'd like to say nice Amazing work. Sig~ Main Text: Cures Sub text: Senpai Font(s): /-?- Size: medium or large? Render: normal Background: /-?- Style: /-?- Other information: -------------------------------- Fonts/- I'm not too familiar with different fonts but I trust you to pick Background & Style/- The other work done looks themed by their name/person If possible i'd like something similar. (fyi im a nerd I play all available healer roles on the appropriate games and have a warm personality for all mmo's Hence: Cures.) Ps: In the future would you consider making me an avatar & background thingy when you're schedules free?
  6. Cures

    Nice Shop! I might be interested do you have some link examples to show your talent?
  7. Cures

    TY SO MUCH Sorry pc was broken
  8. Cures

    STUNNING. The other artists were not what i was looking for. Main Text - Senpai Sub-text - Cures Font - Quantum or Zagga. (read details pls) Size - Not too large but readable Render - I am assuming you can scale them down to usable size, i do not know. Background - artist pick Style - Not entirely sure honestly i'm not creative but i like creativity. Matching stuff? Additional information - Regarding the Main text and sub-text* it doesn't matter if its on top or below either or. Regarding the Font* If you feel it does not match then you pick yourself (PLEASE, i just googled fonts but there were thousands) or if Quantum or Zagga are not available. Regarding the size* preferred the main text to be larger than the sub text (but if you think otherwise go for it) Render & Background* I was impressed by the Nova and Phoenix Sigs the most so anything like that would be nice. Anything anime suites me just fine 0 complaints. Here are the links to Alternative renders i can also send to you. (or if you want to make them feel free i would pay) Style* Like i said about the Nova and Phoenix work, the overall Warmth of the sigs is something i find appealing. ps: Sorry for being difficult i have never had a sig before, don't know much about them other then they seem nice i fully trust your ability so so please bare with me. will pay extra for the difficulties Msg me in-game or on the forums if you need to. IG Name: Cures IG Name: Cured
  9. Cures

    So i can't efficiently pvm with magic until i get to endgame with super expensive staffs/wand. Eh kinda sucks for me
  10. Cures

    Just curious about the usable and working mage gear in the game. ::wiki gear has the endgame gear but nothing about the other for noobs. There's an unholy book in one of the shops and i heard Captain america's shield and Hylians or something rather is for mage too. So a total of 3 off-hands? And also the "Inga's Sword" is listed as a mage weapon is it auto-castable? is it for pvm? One last thing- Virtus robe legs has a range requirement of 80, and def level requirement of 60. How are we to know what gear works and what does not work? Magic is my favorite style, but it seems to have gotten the least amount of love in dreamscape....
  11. Cures

    So wait, What attack style should i use for most weapons like the katana with an offhand? i tried different attack styles and i felt as if my mind was playing tricks, i am clueless.
  12. Thanks for the rank!

  13. Cures

    Okay, so, I've been told by countless people that the AK-47 is superior to everything except the obvious mini-guns, scoped, and such. But my Baretta appear to do more damage and it's a starting wewapon? Ak-47 costs half a T? I also noticed some weapons have strange attack styles. So, maybe i'm using my ak wrong? Should it be on rapid, Accurate. or longrange? Does the attack styles matters at all? If so on which particular weapons? -Thanks

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