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    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I really do love this server and I know I am going to have a great time with you all. If I ever need any help, ill feel free to contact any of you.
  2. Pina

    Alright, well thanks for the support guys!
  3. Hello Everyone! They call me Pina, I had played DS about a year ago and just stop playing due to personal reasons. I kind of wanted to come back since I really loved Old School Runescape and DreamScape is such an awesome private server and decided to give it another try. Now I am here introducing myself to all of you who read this post on the forums and just wanted to say that its really been a lot since my last addict mode playing here and other servers hahaha. It’s just that life gets in the way so much that I haven’t really got the time but nevertheless I always get that magical *poke* with flashbacks about the good times and how good it felt playing and how much I really miss it so that always brings me back. Well I think I’m going to stay a while and I am going to try to catch up again since I forgot a lot about the server but I think I can handle it hahaha. Well I want all of you guys to know that it be great if I got to know all the community and get along with you all. I’m looking forward to having an awesome time in-game, chat or discord, grind all I can to get back up on track and kill a lot of bosses too. Hope to see you all in there and feel free to say hi because it would really be nice to have some company around, I don’t like being a loner so please don’t hesitate on having a little talk, I am not a hard guy to talk to. PM me for anything at all, I’ll just be here chilling. Don’t know much about how the server is now but I hope to catch up. I would really appreciate any help at all! This a great server, keep it up! Best Regards -Pina