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  1. Swagaton

    Can't complain on what dibbsy said ❤️
  2. I just wanna say, i like the nightmare update alot, just could change hm coins u have to actually get the key.
  3. Looking forward to the next one already 😛 juicy stuff.
  4. Swagaton

    https://gyazo.com/8324f110c111d4f10dd099e26969c9bb https://gyazo.com/1677d2d878dbb6ad572f55543bb3db24
  5. Amazing new update, just need a couple of buffs
  6. until

    nomnomnom ❤️
  7. Swagaton

    Gratz lads!
  8. Swagaton

    VOUCH! Can't say anything else but i agree with what's have been said by Joez.
  9. Swagaton

    hmm juicy!
  10. Ign: TD Swagaton Discord: Swagaton #5964 GMT + 1

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