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  1. Swagaton

    Yes 😃
  2. Swagaton

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  4. Swagaton

    True words mate. Like i always say, Only gamble what you can afford to lose. Then its another discussion why i gamble like i do, but if you do it like me. Make sure not to flame 😄
  5. Swagaton

    VOUCH! After a watching over you for a while, i would say you will be an good asset to the TD team. Why? Beacause in the begginging i felt like you was verry imature and stuff like that. After telling you some stuff and some advices you changed alot to the better person that i would like to be in the team. Very well known player about the dicezone, good middleman, helpfull and a simply chill dude. Could be a bit better with prices, but hey, same here, everything takes its time. Good Luck with your app mate. // TD Swagaton
  6. Swagaton

    Hello everyone. My suggestion is all about the pets, first of all i think it's great that u have disabled the pets in dicezone, because of the flower poker. Now there's no pet's on the plant's so you acctually can see what people plant. Now to the suggestion, 1st of all i think you can have the pets outside the flowerpoker room because of when you dice, you see the numbers in the chat and not on the ground. WHY?? Beacause people like me and probably others want's to use their pets for the luck percentage to open the code key chest. An option is that you could add the chest somewhere else in the game so you could go there and try your luck with your pet 😄
  7. Swagaton

    NO VOUCH from me to. As the other above said, looks like it took you 5-10 mins to write this application and community wan't to see screenshots. Seen you in dicezone a few times fping away bank, try to acctually mm and show the community that you are worth it. Good Luck on you application.
  8. Swagaton

    Much love. ❤️
  9. Swagaton

  10. Swagaton

    Thanks guys, thnx alot ❤️
  11. Swagaton

  12. Swagaton

    That is the spirit Cooni! Much love to everyone and people will be happier, And things will also be easier to do with a positive attitude. Spread all the love trough the world ❤️ Still sound like an really cozy right ❤️
  13. Swagaton

    Just wanted to say goodnight to everyone and... I am also wondering how everyone spent their New Years eve, Tell me if you did something special or just something simple. I want to know everything! ? My New Years was really great, spent it with my gf and her parents, spending time with the persons closest to you means the most on big holidays to me. Hope you all have a great start at the big year 2019!!! ❤️
  14. Swagaton

    great guide brother ?