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  1. Snuggly

    Ez win? lol
  2. Snuggly

    They look awesome, keep up the good work!
  3. Snuggly

    Hey welcome back @Hc Maximum! I know we haven't met before but I'll see ya around in-game man!
  4. Back after sometime ;)...time to grind

  5. Started a couple days ago on this server, happy I did! Enjoyed every moment so far! :D

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    2. Hc Maximum

      Hc Maximum

      Glad your enjoying the server, it's honestly so much fun

    3. Bench Press

      Bench Press

      Good news! What do you like the most about our server?

    4. Snuggly


      @Bench Press I can't say, I like everything so far. I haven't tried gambling yet though ;) lool

  6. Snuggly

    Always love server newspapers, this is awesome! Great work! :D Riddle answer is M.
  7. Snuggly

    If your up for another challenge, then sure why not. All up to you, I'm a hc myself and it's a lot of fun so far. :D
  8. Snuggly

    Looks nice, keep up the awesome work buddy!
  9. Snuggly

    Congrats to all the winners! :D
  10. Awesome update! Good work, looking forward to the next one! :D
  11. Snuggly

    Hey guys/gals, what's up! :D I'm Snuggly, I joined today and wanted to introduce I am xD I believe I tried this server, back in 2015. Don't remember. Met some of you in-game already, and talked in the discord for like 2 minutes. I'm Chance on discord btw. I got some goals & achievements planned, I'll make that post tmmr. Meanwhile here's my progress so far... Only camped penguins kc of 191 atm. Playing on Hardcore too. Hope to snuggle with a lot of you soon! lol Serious note though I mean to talk to a lot of you in discord more and in-game. Add me in-game too if you want. I'm an easy guy to talk too. -Snuggly-