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  1. amordin

    all my screen caps turned out to just be black squares so I think I am SOL on that one. Would be cool, I just hope no one else loses any valuable pets to that and end up in my shoes.
  2. amordin

    crap now that I think about it I wasn't recording or anything. I am not really expecting to get my necro back especially lacking any solid proof, more just want to point out a potential bug/warn others just in case.
  3. amordin

    I think there might be a bug with the new pets, I got rocky while thieving and accidently dropped him while my necro was summoned. It summoned rocky and the necro disappeared. I have picked up rocky logged out and in and even tried the collection chest. no luck. Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. amordin

    Keep up the vids Mono.
  5. amordin

    Awesome update to clues
  6. Wow awesome update. I cant wait to check it all out.
  7. amordin

    Very nice vid, mad respect
  8. amordin

    cool box hopefully I get something good out of mine.
  9. amordin

    Glad to have you back Maximum.
  10. So happy to have a reward for the arcade. Thanks for the awesome update.
  11. amordin

    To bad my works busiest day is on 4/20 so I missed the dope event
  12. Would like to get my hands on some of that, nice work.
  13. amordin

    welcome to the gang Jack, staff and most players are very helpful. Message any of us if you need any help or want to chat. There is also a super awesome discord server if you like voice chat.
  14. amordin

    Welcome to the #DSGANG