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  1. Hc Maximum

    double yikes
  2. Hc Maximum

    i felt bad losing a few hundred m on osrs, yikes
  3. Hc Maximum

  4. Hc Maximum

    You can post below me but the question is do you want to
  5. Hc Maximum

    this is not my first post and also not my last
  6. Hc Maximum

    Thread unlocked on no request hi
  7. Hc Maximum

    hi i wud like a sig pls put anime weeb stuff in it for me oxoxox
  8. Hc Maximum

    damn i thought being awkward will help me win
  9. Hc Maximum

    I got ghosted by the chick in my profile but I’m too lazy to change it am I weird/petty/in denial or all of the above? also can I be last post pls
  10. Hc Maximum

    Imagine still being a fan of star wars and shrek in 2k18 wow yeah.. wow.. umm.. well.. haha ur a forums mod you have to delete threads and stuff what a waste of time and uh... ha.. haha.. hahaha... *walks away* i'm terrible at this
  11. Hc Maximum

    welcome back!
  12. Hc Maximum

    im bored
  13. Hc Maximum

  14. Hc Maximum

    hows everyone doing anyway?
  15. Hc Maximum

    Take care buddy was always fun seeing you on discord