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  1. Hc Maximum

    Awesome! i've always loved flipping and merching but never considered trying it on dreamscape. Shows how profitable it is right here
  2. Well explained, and although it was rough for new players years ago it has balanced out with all the new updates and minigames and other features that has made it fair for the early game to get gear/items. I have found its the best balance you can probably get on a custom server at the moment.
  3. I think the coin update is great! amazing update
  4. Hc Maximum

    20 posts is nothing, you should be involved in the community in all aspects It's been ages since i've been a youtuber but anyone that gets the rank is expected to be active with videos every week consistently which takes more effort then posting in the forums a few times .. I'm pretty sure posting a video in the youtube section counts to a post as well I probably did videos for a good 3-6 months before i even applied for the rank
  5. Hc Maximum

    Hi I'm back playing somewhat casually. Hoping to chat with all the new faces and if anyone wants to show me some of the new stuff or chat pm me ❤️ I've checked out some of the recent updates and its looking lit
  6. Hc Maximum

    i am new soz camel boi
  7. Hc Maximum

    I dont really understand the suggestion tbh. I get a better starter weapon would be useful but what do you mean by maxing it
  8. Hc Maximum

    tbh a sicle would be impressive in an hr. should be intresting tho i might give it a shot.
  9. Hc Maximum

    double yikes
  10. Hc Maximum

    i felt bad losing a few hundred m on osrs, yikes
  11. Hc Maximum

    Imagine still being a fan of star wars and shrek in 2k18 wow yeah.. wow.. umm.. well.. haha ur a forums mod you have to delete threads and stuff what a waste of time and uh... ha.. haha.. hahaha... *walks away* i'm terrible at this
  12. Hc Maximum

    welcome back!
  13. Hc Maximum

    Take care buddy was always fun seeing you on discord
  14. Hc Maximum

    thats some dope gains, what did you do for the ice kats?

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