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  1. Hc Maximum

    i am a weeb
  2. Hc Maximum

    i am new soz camel boi
  3. Hc Maximum

    I dont really understand the suggestion tbh. I get a better starter weapon would be useful but what do you mean by maxing it
  4. Hc Maximum

    tbh a sicle would be impressive in an hr. should be intresting tho i might give it a shot.
  5. Hc Maximum

  6. Hc Maximum

    58 not farming post count
  7. Hc Maximum

    56 ?
  8. Hc Maximum

    double yikes
  9. Hc Maximum

    i felt bad losing a few hundred m on osrs, yikes
  10. Hc Maximum

  11. Hc Maximum

    You can post below me but the question is do you want to
  12. Hc Maximum

    this is not my first post and also not my last
  13. Hc Maximum

    Thread unlocked on no request hi
  14. Hc Maximum

    hi i wud like a sig pls put anime weeb stuff in it for me oxoxox