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  1. Zodiac

    Congrats to the winners!
  2. Zodiac

    A tracker would be nice or a median price like how it does in grand exchange and/or OSB/RuneLite. The only problem is that our community is too small so just about anyone can upset the prices of items. Just about anyone or has/is hoarding items can make an item worth Qs or Ts. With a higher community like OSRS, the supply and demand stays pretty level unless it is new content ie. new bosses/drops
  3. Zodiac

    I can tell you, the list will not be updated. They would have to fix every single weapon in terms of stats while in the wilderness. Which would be a lot of work. The suggestion have been made before to fix the items so that people have other ways of making money ie. risk fighting and so on. Nothing has been done, they have just been adding items to the list for "updates at a later time". But from what i can tell, the list have not gotten any shorter but only increased in size as time went.
  4. Zodiac

    Better drop rates = more items in eco = inflated eco or items become obsolete. I think they should take advantage of their system them made that increased drop rates on certain NPCs for certain amounts of time. But hey, its just me. Seems like DS comes out with these features and then forget about them.
  5. Zodiac

    Well this is just like any other minigame. It comes to a certain point where the rewards are so diluted in the economy where people dont want that set anymore. Buffing it will solve it for the a time being. New sets will come out to trump this one. There is no all time best set which is why a lot of people hurry to gather a new set when released and then sell it off while the prices are still high. Sad to see yet another minigame go down the drain but it is the truth. The only way to making a minigame stay alive is having rewards that are beneficial besides a piece of gear. I.E since we do not care for exp in a skill, we can make aesthetic gear to go over your gear. You still receive bonus of whatever you where but the item looks like something else. Think of it as like a transmonger from WoW or overlay on rs3
  6. Zodiac

    Much love homie, i hope to see you back here when you have more time. I am always on discord so you know where to reach me. Love you booboo.
  7. Should Zodiac spend more time in-game?

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    2. Hc Blaze

      Hc Blaze

      Yes pls and send nudes

    3. MarkDS



      You should spend more time in Discord with us ;)

      Oh and also in game pleb

    4. Potentials
  8. A suggestion would be, make the well of goodwill custom amount of donation instead of all tickets. People can mistakenly click it and donate everything.
  9. Zodiac

    So i've been thinking, when i go home for vacation. I would like to do some gambling sessions with my childhood friend. We both like to go to the Casino/online gambling. Who would like to see a live stream of our gambling sessions? You all will get the inside scoop of how it is to recklessly spend your savings and possible me going bankrupt xD Just kidding. But let me know if you guys are interested and i will have him prepare everything for when i go home. We will try to do everything VIP and luxurious just for the DS family. I will even wear a shirt with DreamScape tagged on it so it will be free advertisement
  10. It is just 100x exp rates so like 1,500,000 instead of 150,000 for the non combat.
  11. You missed a "0" on noncombat skills but uhhh i thought it was less, weird. Anyways, yeah include other statuses xD
  12. I think you should add rates for all status accounts like hardcore and ironman. Just a suggestion. Not bad overall though.
  13. Zodiac

    I think this is a good service to have. Much appreciated to your contributions
  14. Zodiac

    Isn't POTM instead of POTW?
  15. Who has ever made love? Shit is magical ain't it?

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    2. Inject


      I make them to gordita crunch, know what that is?

    3. Bellatrix


      Those are good, especially when all nice and cheeseyyyyy

    4. Hc Blaze

      Hc Blaze

      Yeah very magical until your at a bar with a girl and she roofies your drink then drags you back to a crap motel bathtub and steals your organs for the black market. Yeah magical enough for me to lose most my organs and it becoming morning time after it was just night time. Didn’t happen to me lol, just thought I’d share. :)