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  1. Otis RS

    I think I could get behind this for Ironman maybe, I feel like there is plenty of items to up your damage as a normal player right now!
  2. Otis RS

    I was actually just talking about this with someone ingame.. Definitely a good idea man on the more single target magic weapons!
  3. Otis RS

    Definitely understandable but sad to see you go man! Hope all works out for you and best of wishes in life!
  4. Goodluck on the Infinity Aura giveaway everyone!!


  5. Mhm, never even noticed somehow! Hopefully it'll get looked at soon 😛 Thanks for the post
  6. until

    Otisrs ingame 😄 Thanks for events and goodluck all!
  7. Otis RS

    Username : Otisrs Rank In-Game : Executive https://imgur.com/oumvH7w
  8. until

    Otisrs Goodluck all! Thanks for the event guys!
  9. until

    Otisrs is in! amazing event guys, thanks!
  10. Otis RS

    It is pretty lit 😄
  11. until

    Awesome event!!
  12. Otis RS

    Hello everyone, Otisrs here! It's been well over a year since i've been ingame and I'm so excited to finally be back, I can't wait to meet the new community! If you see me ingame give me a shout, I could sure use the friends 😛 Thanks for reading and hopefully see you all around!
  13. Otis RS

    Username: OtisrsRank In-game: Extreme DonorProof (screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/cQN4Yen

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