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  1. Things have certainly been weird lately, it's a different world! Take care and be safe everyone.

    1. lewis99300


      you too man K3

    2. Willy


      Always brother!

  2. Otis RS

    Sambjj, Amazing work on this brother! Thanks to everyone who helped with putting this together.
  3. Otis RS

    Huge Vouch from me, I'd love to see this! Also I agree the "gallery" type page would be much easier on the wiki team and also players just wanting to get an overall look at them all!
  4. Otis RS

    Quick little oufit in the meantime! Hoping my custom will be ready and I can get a outfit made with those aswell 😄 Goodluck everyone and Thank you Gya for putting this together.
  5. Otis RS

    Can't wait to start working on it, glad to be a part of the team!
  6. Otis RS

    The main thing I feel needs to be looked at would be Arcade (Normal and Extreme). That's really all I see people complaining about, I don't think it is that bad right now honestly, but then again I'm 100% end game and did struggled with "Hell Arcade" (which I enjoyed the challenge of).
  7. Otis RS

    Great work on this man! A very well needed guide 😛
  8. Otis RS

    Welcome man 😄 ! Hit me up in-game if you ever have any questions!
  9. I'm honestly loving the raid, no luck on those sexy new items yet though 😄
  10. DS Ganggggg


  11. Otis RS

    Agreed would love to see some of the work you've done
  12. Otis RS

    I think I could get behind this for Ironman maybe, I feel like there is plenty of items to up your damage as a normal player right now!
  13. Otis RS

    I was actually just talking about this with someone ingame.. Definitely a good idea man on the more single target magic weapons!
  14. Otis RS

    Definitely understandable but sad to see you go man! Hope all works out for you and best of wishes in life!
  15. Goodluck on the Infinity Aura giveaway everyone!!


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