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  1. madman1555

    Forum Username: Madman1555Rank Requesting: veteranAmount of Months since user joined Forums:10Screenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation:
  2. madman1555

    here we go bois
  3. madman1555

    make me something
  4. madman1555

    please contact us about payment
  5. madman1555

    you still owe us alot noob
  6. madman1555

    this is kind of my iconic set but yeah!
  7. madman1555

    update Evak has paid this loan off
  8. madman1555

    please contact us about payment
  9. madman1555

    paid off!
  10. madman1555

    please contact us about your loan
  11. madman1555

    update paid 100k owed 1.009
  12. madman1555

    loan 600t (sfu+inga set) paid 270t owed 330t
  13. ill accept you for the loan we discussed previously
  14. madman1555

    im going to have to decline this for now if you have any questions please pm me on discord or join me in a voice channel