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  1. kill no body

    Thanks ffor this good work man, keeep going on!
  2. Thanks for this awesome update man, keeep going on!
  3. Thanks for this awesome update man, keeep going on!
  4. Thanks for the updates! keep this going on!
  5. kill no body

    IGN: kill no body GL ALL!
  6. kill no body

    congratz to you @Chuck and @Zeven for reaching the 20k milestone! Nice! We see enough how you two put so much work in this game. Keep it! nice work! i`m not a new player, but since i`ve joined the game, the community of this server was amazing, staff help, ts3, and now discord! bro`s keep it up man, the first server that i am playing so long, thanks to you two! #DSGANG
  7. kill no body

    In Game Name: Kill no body Outfit Name: helldog http://prntscr.com/f7qqq5
  8. kill no body

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