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    What's that? It's a soul flare, said Gundam. It was used long ago as a weapon of great divine, but only to maintain peace within the different villages. But everything wasn't as easy as it seemed. It all goes back about 200 years ago. (FLASHBACK 200 YEARS AGO) Times were rough between the fire and the earth villages. You see they had been at war more than water and wind, but when fire attacked water and wind, it started a massive war between the villages. Then this one kid, Samuel, was wondering with his friend Isaiah, both water villagers, when they had stumbled upon an ancient cave, with sights of gold, hieroglyphics, and other kinds of communications from the past, and warnings of not to enter made them back out. When they returned to the village, Samuel had news upon the death of his father due to this huge war. Remembering the warnings from the cave, Samuel took Isaiah back to the cave because they knew the ultimate power had lie there. Risking their lives through booby traps, snakes, flying swords, and even having to fight the undead king, they had one last chance to seal this war with this legendary weapon. Obtaining the soulflare, they had made it out of the cave. But, rumors spread quick, the earth and fire village both swarmed around Samuel and Isaiah, capturing them and stealing the soulflare. In the back of the kids' mind they had to escape no matter the cost. One night, after hours of torture and beatings, a ghostly spirit had met with the kids to help free them, it was Samuel's dad and he explained they had the power to put an end to the war. And how they must not cave in. Using wisdom and knowledge Samuel broke free of the chains, freed Isaiah and left this dark room. They had snuck past the fire and earth warriors to steal back the soulflare, realizing it's great power. To avenge his fathers death he used the soulflare without hesitation putting an end to the war. During a meeting between villages he uttered for everyone to stop or chaos will continue. Nobody dared challenge the soulflare so they agreed. Samuel put the pieces of the soulflare apart so it was dismantled. (BACK TO THE PRESENT) Is that how it happened gundam?, said Wing. Indeed so Wing and it was dug out years ago and put here for safe keeping. Now come on we better go see another part of the museum, something blue awaits us.
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    my outfit is looking hot, but the gloves remind me how icy I am