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  1. E_M_C

    E M C: Will here mine... just sitting here high as can be if u know what i mean
  2. E_M_C

    E M C Here....Well here mine. i think its the right size... i hope.. well good luck everybody
  3. E_M_C

    Hello Everyone! I want to try something different for an event. So what I came up with was a photo event. Pretty much post your favorite moments with a collage of photos from DreamScape or post your own design of DreamScape or any art photo you can make from DreamScape. Just want to see what everybody's fun moments are or was from DreamScape & want to see players creativity. Yes there are rules. Just want this to be a fun event. Here are the rules & what i'm looking for & what your allowed to use: 1. All the photos that you put in your collage must be from DreamScape ONLY! 2. Iron Man are NOT allowed to join. My apologies, I just don't have staff helping me this time. 3. You can edit frames around your photos. Just as long as it's not from another game or other servers. 4. You can add stickers (meaning emoji's or speech bubbles & etc.) 5. You can use colorful backgrounds. Just not a background from different games or other servers. 6. GIF are NOT allowed. 7. You MUST put your in-game name next to your photo!! If you don't put your in-game name next to your photo, you don't win. You do not have to have custom items. Just looking for some fun looking photos or funny moments that you might have seen. I will be judging these photos by creativity. If you're not sure on what I'm looking for, here are two examples on what I'm looking for: Example one: Here is my own design of DreamScape. My in-game name E M C Example two: Here are some of my favorite moments made into a collage of photos. My in-game name E M C Here are the three prizes. First place 300T Second place American Torva Set with a Fallen death cape Third place Silver space sword I can't wait to see your awesome collages. I will pick the winners on October 15, 2017 (its a Sunday) at 7PM Eastern time zone. Wish everybody the best of luck! And remember to have fun with it!
  4. E_M_C

    Updated: This event will take place on October 5, 2017 at 5PM (USA Eastern time-zone). This event is pretty much a hide and seek event. There will be an Admin helping me with this event and some other staff members helping me as well. Also this event is a Discord/In-Game event. All players can participate in this event, that also includes Iron Man. There will be six big prizes and if the event goes well there might be a seventh price. I am NOT telling what the special prizes are. Just know that they are BIG prizes. If you want to know what the prizes are join the event. And of course there is rules... Here are the rules: 1. You must be in Discord on October 5 during the time of the event. 2. If you are not in Discord during the event you are disqualified and will not win a prize. 3. You can only have one account in order to win a prize. 4. If you have multiple accounts during the event you are disqualified and will not win a prize. Join Discord tomorrow at 5PM (USA Eastern time-zone) to find out who you'er supposed to find to win a prizes and to know more about the Event. WE WILL NOT ANNOUNCE IT IN-GAME.
  5. E_M_C

    Hello friends! I just want to let you guys know I might not be on as much. I've been having some personal life issues & adjusting to my new position at work, so I'm taking some time off from DreamScape. I might log in-game time to time & discord. It probably won't be as long as I normally am on. Just don't want people to worry about me if I am not in-game or discord as much. Besides person life issues I'm in my busy season at work. Because I'm a manager now at my work, I basically have one day off a week & two days off if I'm lucky. I will try to do my wiki editing as much as I can when I have time. I can't promise anything because my busy season starts in September and ends at the end of January. So there's a lot of reasons why I might not be on as much. My apologies. I'm still adjusting to my new position & some other things. Hope you guys can understand. And for those of you that I've talked to in discord I still plan to do my event just trying to plan it out better due to my hectic work schedule. But don't worry I will let you guys know on as soon as I get it ready...
  6. E_M_C

    Congratulations to all the Winners
  7. E_M_C

    Your every welcome. This was my first forum event. Just want to say thanks to everyone that participated. If you guys like this kinda of event yet me know & i do more.
  8. Here are the winner from my Costume Event, Again thank you to everyone who participated in the event!! We had a lot of choices to pick from, and I will say it was very challenging but here are the winners! First Place Winner:: Dr Gee (Punanii) Second Place Winner:: Pirate (Pirate) Third Place Winner:: Nylla (Nylla) Fourth Place Winner:: ThunderCough (hcthundercou) Fifth Place Winner:: Artymania (Artymania) Congratulations to all the winners!! and thank you so much for being apart of this event! Winners can speak to W I C C A or Myself in game for their prizes Special Thanks to:: Madman1555 & W I C C A
  9. E_M_C

    To post your photos its easy just take your screenshot in-game than right click the screenshot button and drag it into your comment with your in-game name. Also make make sure to post a front & back photo and you add your in-game to your post. If you don't i might not pick you... good luck!
  10. Welcome community, I have not played this server long but I do however like the costume events. I like how it helps new players and players that are struggling to make money in game. I know the struggles of a new player and I also know how hard it is to make money in game. So I thought I would host my own costume event. There will be some rules and I have two people that will help me pick the winners. They are not staff they are regular players and they will not be participating and neither will I. It's going to be a very simple costume event. The theme is Fantasy What do you have to do to enter my event? It's simple really. Just post a front and back picture of your costume and just add your in-game name. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor. I am looking for creativity and backgrounds and the costumes itself. What are the rules? * Iron Man cannot participate due to the fact that I cannot trade them, I do apologize. * Staff that are moderator plus cannot participate even with other accounts. * You can only post one costume. If you post more than one costume you are disqualified. * You cannot edit your costume once it's been posted. Once it has been posted it's final. Here's an example... In-game Name: E M C There are 5 prizes. First Place:: Ring of Wealth (i) Second Place:: Blue Death Cape Third Place:: Silver Space Sword Fourth Place:: American Pernix set + Vanguard Boots & Gloves Fifth Place:: Blue Torva set + Blue gloves & boots + 20t cash Good luck everyone. And I will be picking the winners July 9, 2017.
  11. E_M_C

    Glad you guys had a good time. The photos look amazing!! I want to live there too. I like the photo of the pineapple on the ground & the one with the mountain in the background that looks so beautiful.
  12. E_M_C

    In game name: E M C Name of outfit: Warrior Goddess of Thieves
  13. Have a fun & safe trip. don't worry about DreamScape it will still be here when u get back. u should spend time with ur wife and have fun on the beach. also if u guys like water parks, i heard that there r some really good ones in Hawaii.

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