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  1. W_I_C_C_A

    your right, its not horrible enough, i say we add in a corp boss that keeps killing jailed people over and over, so they won't have to starve they'll just keep respawning in jail XD
  2. W_I_C_C_A

    I want In W I C C A <--- in-game ҉ W̕͞ I Ç̴̨ C A̕ ҉ <-- Discord
  3. W_I_C_C_A

    Well you seem to have the required playtime on 1 account, but do note that the account you pick to join plantation, can't trade through other accounts, whatever account you sign up will be the one who has and holds the items, and you'll be required to pay with PvM drops earned with that gear, i'll say that you get my Vouch but from here on you'll have to prove that you can do what is required
  4. In-Game Name: W I C C A Real Name/Nickname: Bill In-game play time (Picture): Age: 24 Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time Why do you think you should be a part of The Plantation? The Cake is a Lie
  5. W_I_C_C_A

    Costume Name:: In-Game Name:: J4ok2e0r
  6. W_I_C_C_A

    Can't force ya to stay, do what you gotta do my friend and best of luck to in whatever you do
  7. W_I_C_C_A

    So it has come to my attention that I might have had a bit of an episode in-game the other night, i wasn't sure until I woke up the next day feeling like something was wrong, only to see that I may have quit on my normal account Unholy Arrow, to whom i may have offened I deeply apologize, If you would be willing to listen I'd like to apologize personally to many of my friends of the DSGANG, I'll probably be getting on Teamspeak around 9:00 PM US Eastern time, to clear up any questions. Thanks