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  1. Yet another great update, looking all good lads keep up the great work!
  2. Joeztube

    Damn man! Very nice! 😮
  3. Joeztube

    Congrats to everyone!
  4. Joeztube

    Very sexy event Thanks Boys!
  5. Joeztube

    Thank you @Feeds for hosting this sexy event and goodluck to everyone! Meet: Mr. Anonymous
  6. Joeztube

    One love homie
  7. Great work!!! Thanks guys!
  8. Joeztube

    I will never forget how you helped me with my YouTube Channel, without you dreamscape wouldnt have so much youtubers as we do right now. I want to thank you for all your help and dedication towards the media department. I hope to see you back soon man Take care ❤️
  9. In-Game Name: "Joeztube" Real Name/Nickname: "Joez" In-game play time (Picture): Age: "20" Time Zone: "Central European Time ( CET)" Boss logs (Picture): Why do you think you should be a part of The Plantation? "I know I am a trusted host but I dont only gamble, I like to pvm on my alt too. I dont have an ownercape but I can grind hours long and try getting some drops and build up to afford an OC. I dont know if I deserve this and I am not a hardcore pvmmer but I know I can do this." Do you Accept the Tos? (What is Rule #6? (Also say Yes or No at the end of your answer)): "Yes, I Accept the Terms Of Services and there is no Rule #6." Thank you for taking time to read My application. Kind Regards Joeztube.
  10. Joeztube

    Thank you @Hc Jessie For hosting this Event and Goodluck to everyone!!!!
  11. Joeztube

    Damn this droplog is littt keep that going and what about you add upgrades to it? Like upgrade shadow pieces or elemental pieces (up to you if you want to sell tho)
  12. Joeztube

    Our doors will always be open for you Max!! It's sad to see you leave for now because I love those videos you were making I will miss them man!! Take care and hope to see you soon
  13. Joeztube

    Can't wait for it!!