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  1. Joeztube

    Congratulations to all the winners! @Xtra25 you sniped my spot! I‘m coming for you! 🤣
  2. We're not here to take part, we're here to take over.

  3. Joeztube

    Icy emperors set with the icy yoshi pet icy bow of death and icy shadow star 🤤 #ICEDOUT❄️
  4. Joeztube

    Thanks for the feedback CJ! By being hours after hours in dicezone I can tell you that new players mostly 1. Don’t have a rank to gamble 2. Most of the time prefer BJ or HoC. and planting manually is still in the system but in the new dicezone only sponsor+ can acces that area and some of the big gamblers don’t have the sponsor rank yet what makes it “not fair” for them. That is why I suggested to have 2 rooms, 1. to fill the gaps when there is no TD online and 2. to satisfy both sides of the gambling community. Also what I wanted to add is that the new dicezone is too small since the auto Fp system plants on top of other plants by Manual fping you can make sure that you don’t interrupt other ongoing sessions.
  5. Joeztube

    100% correct We don’t have any overall view of what’s happening you know so if people do get scammed like this we can’t do anything about it. That is why I preferred to have both options
  6. Joeztube

    With all due respect but I don't think you actually read what I said in the suggestion. I've had multiple complains already from our daily gamblers and other people aswell and yes this within 24 hours. I appreciate your feedback tho and thank you!
  7. Joeztube

    well that's not what everyone in the community wants tho so that's why we should have the option to do both. and it does say it in the chat but when 5 people are fping at the same time? goodluck reading all of your plants.
  8. Joeztube

    I explained it in "how will this benefit players/server?" read that part again brother, and right now u have no sight of who on cuz you plant on other plants which makes it all confusing.
  9. Joeztube

    What's the current issue? The new dicezone being fully automatic. I already have received a LOT of negative feedback from our daily gamblers and from some other people that did not like the new gambling system. This affected Dicezone really hard because gambling was the only thing the people had when they wanted to do something else but with the new automatic system it takes out the joy of gambling especially flower poker. What's your suggested way of fixing it? The best option to keep everyone satisfied is to bring back our previous Dicezone. On the West side we had an empty room which was the "DD room" who nobody used to dd. We can change that room into automatic fping and keep the east room for manual fping. How will this benefit player/server? We would have both options and players that like the new system could still enjoy it. Also when there is no middle man online to hold the manual fp pots they can easily go over to the automatic FP room. Another benefit would be that we would still have our TD team and keep growing to make dicezone the best place on DreamScape. How could this be expanded in future? If this gets a green light we would have to wait for the community's feedback but I don't think we would receive any bad ones because this benefits old system lovers and new system lovers. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I do not see this effecting the eco, item balances or being OP in any way. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments and even any upgrades or tips or even negative points if u see them. Kinds regards, Joez
  10. Very nice update although I’m not a fan of the automatic fping but that’s a personal thing I guess. This basically means rest in peace to the TD team.
  11. Joeztube


    Thank you for all the events!! #DSGANGLIFESTYLE #EXECUTIVELIFESTYLE
  12. Yet another great update, looking all good lads keep up the great work!
  13. Joeztube

    Damn man! Very nice! 😮
  14. Joeztube

    Congrats to everyone!

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